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We’re cleaner than ever, have more products than ever, yet a growing number of us have sensitivities, allergies, and other skin issues. Why?

Your Skin’s Lost Peacekeeper

For most of human existence, there was a peacekeeping Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) that lived on our skin. It wasn’t until the last 100 years when indoor lifestyles and personal care products removed it. This bacteria is still found on untouched aboriginal tribes, whose skin is in a native, healthy state.

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Why Is This Bacteria Important?

Research has shown that while on the skin, AOB consume your sweat as part of a process that continuously keeps the skin’s ecosystem in check.

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Clinical Proof

Our AO+Mist contains a live culture of AOB that’s been clinically proven to restore clarity & balance to your skin in 4 weeks.

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Our biome-friendly products strike a balance with science and nature, allowing AOB to thrive in the modern world. Unpreserved, plant-based products nurture AOB and maintain harmony in the skin biome.

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