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Think about it: The microbial ecosystem of our bodies evolves with us from birth and throughout our lives. It's shaped by every interaction we have with nature, food, hygiene products, and other aspects of our lifestyle (like where we live, how we sleep, etc). It's as unique as a fingerprint.
This uniqueness means that everyone's response to rebalancing their skin biome can be fairly unique as well. We certainly see some common responses, but encourage new users to keep an open and observant mind because everyone has their own unique starting point.
In case you're thinking you have to give up showers and all of your products - don't think that. We're not telling you to stop showering or go cold turkey on all the products you've been using for years.

If you still want to do that, then more power to you, but that's not feasible or realistic for most of us. Besides, it's not even completely necessary to see benefits. This page, along with others on our site do a great job of sharing flexibility in routines, and we encourage you to approach it with the same level of flexibility.
We spend our whole lives cultivating these routines around hygiene and skincare. For some of us, they are like rituals. Changing any part of that can be daunting.

One of the most powerful experiences for users is seeing how their relationship with their other products changes with time. Many of them have their short list of products they could never live "without" and yet they soon find themselves being able to go without them (and thrilled with the results). We've seen it happen!
Wherever you choose to start, start slow. Either with just adding in the mist, or making some easy swaps with our Cleanser and Shampoo. Or perhaps you're starting beyond that.

Wherever you begin, experiment and tweak your routine after some weeks or months by using less of your other conventional products, and maybe eventually none at all. Experiment, experiment, experiment.
Our whole team is crazy passionate about our mission and of course the products. Below are a few profiles of the routines from our team give you examples of how people have personalized their routines. Click to read.
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Product Junkie: Jesse
Our Marketing and Communications manager, Jesse, is a product junkie and is high maintenance with her hygiene routine. Jesse used to shower everyday (sometimes even more than once a day), wash her hair and use bar soap everyday, as well as use face cleanser, toner, and moisturizer morning and night. By incorporating the Mist, Jesse has switched to showering every other day (still using her normal shampoo, conditioner, and bar soap each time), and uses face cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and deodorant only after showering. This means that she has reduced her face washing/toning/moisturizing and deodorant usage from 14 times a week to only 4. In this process, Jesse realized how much her obsession with cleanliness was damaging her skin. Not ready to forgo her normal products completely, Jesse mists in the morning after applying her makeup and in the evening after removing it. By only slightly changing her routine and adding in the Mist, Jesse has noticed her skin is more hydrated, far less oily, and less sensitive.
Shower Lover: Spiros
Our CEO, Spiros, loves to shower and had an established routine before the Mist. He used to use bar soap, shampoo, and deodorant daily, as well as moisturizer in the winter. Now, Spiros uses body wash every other day, and shampoo only once a week, misting both morning and night, and before working out. The Mist has allowed Spiros to replace aftershave and moisturizers, as well as reduce the need for all other products. Through moderately cutting down on showers and products alongside the Mist, his skin is tighter and doesn't get dry or oily.
Low Maintenance: Larry
Our Chief Medical Officer, Larry, is low maintenance with his hygiene routine. Before the Mist, Larry used soap and shampoo with every shower. After misting for about a year now, Larry takes mostly water-only showers, using minimal soap. In the morning, Larry brushes his teeth, exercises, rinses off, and then applies the Mist. At night (when the bacteria are most active), he mists again. Larry has noticed that his skin feels softer and more fresh, and that he no longer has a need for deodorant. Larry still washes his hands with soap at least 5 times a day.
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