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Part 1We’re leaders in the microbiome space

Founded in 2015 by MIT scientists, our company was born out of demand from a clinical trial done on the effects of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) on the skin, where the results were profoundly beneficial.

Part 2We pioneered a new approach to skincare

For most of human existence, there was a peacekeeping Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) that lived on our skin. It wasn’t until the last 100 years or so when indoor lifestyles and harsh chemistry in our personal care products wiped it away.

Known as a peacekeeper because it harmonizes any ecosystem it’s in, AOB has the unique ability to bring balance to any skin type. 

Seeing the potential in this groundbreaking approach to skincare, we patented this bacteria. 

Part 3Our products are clinically proven

Research shows that while on the skin, AOB consume your sweat as part of a process that continuously keeps the skin’s ecosystem in check. Our AO+ Mist contains a live culture of AOB, and it’s been clinically proven to restore clarity & balance to your skin in 4 weeks. 

People with dry skin, oily skin, problem skin, sensitive skin all see the same results: even skin tone and improved texture and appearance.

Part 4We established the Biome-Friendly formulation protocol

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Unhappy with the amount of skincare products in the marketplace that contain harsh surfactants and toxic chemicals, we established our Biome-Friendly testing assay. 

Biome-friendly is a means to test products for their friendliness to the skin biome. It has since evolved into an ongoing and growing development program with the goal of expanding into cosmetic formulation criteria to also include impact to the skin biome.