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All good things come from the dirt, and that includes our company.

Our patented Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) found in the  AO+ Mist is the cornerstone of our company, and for good reason. 

This single strain is a keystone species, and known as a peacekeeper because its role is to bring balance and harmony to any ecosystem it dwells in.

It once existed on human skin naturally, until modern hygiene and less time spent outdoors wiped it away. Our founder, David Whitlock, an MIT trained chemical engineer, isolated this invisible powerhouse (which is found in rich soil, hence the name Mother Dirt) and created our AO+ Mist which quickly became our hero product.

We create products that are Biome Friendly™

Made without added preservatives

Plant-based formulations

Won’t disrupt your skin microbiome

Research & science driven

Your skin needs good bacteria.

Just like your gut needs good bacteria to function optimally, the same is true for your skin. As the research on the microbiome advances, we’re finding that thriving microbiomes are the key to good health. 

Our mission is to bring our skin back to a state of balance, where it can be naturally glowing and beautiful because our products let it thrive.