Our Discovery

I’m so amazed with the AO+ Mist! It’s a game changer for sure...I noticed results quickly and my complexion is noticeably improved after introducing it into my daily routine.


Biohack Your Biome

Mother Dirt is one brand I love; their cleansers, mists, and moisturizers are specifically formulated with the microbiome in mind.


For a more mindful approach to beauty, as well as a more eco one, Mother Dirt is worth your fridge space.

Women's Health

The AO+ Mist is the first of its kind, using live bacteria to balance, hydrate and cleanse your skin. It is perfect for city dwellers who battle the harsh effects of pollution daily.


Why a System?

Already, my husband and I have seen improvements in our skin and this is only our first bottle!

Kendra K.

Put your favorite Mother Dirt products on auto-ship and never worry about running about again! Simply select your desired frequency, and we’ll send you reminders a few days prior to each shipment. What frequency is right for me?

Exclusive Perks: