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"I think there's a definite improvement to the feel of my facial skin."
"I have completely stopped using soap and shampoo. I just shower with hot water and an exfoliating cloth. My hair has more body and wave. It used to be be completely straight. My soap and shampoo use has decreased over time."
"It's been really good. I also find that my skin feels less tight and more refreshed. I've tried to use less than recommended to make the spray go further as well, as I am not washing it off everyday and showering less frequently."
"My skin is softening up, just as advertised!"
"I ordered all three: the mist, shampoo and cleanser and have been using all three for about a month. My hair is soft and shiny. The cleanser and mister are used after I shower and my skin also feels much smoother and softer. These are great products!"
"I've just started my third bottle and having great experiences with the product. I signed up initially for the one-month supply and wish I had done the three month!"
"So far I am very pleased. I have not used any of the hundreds of dollars of facial products on my face for almost a week now and my skin is healthier, softer and much more hydrated! I wash with water and mist in the morning and before bed. I even mist in the afternoon at work it is that refreshing. I also have begun using it on my feet and my skin is not as dry. I am very pleased."
"As someone who has struggled with my skin for my entire adult life, I really have nothing but praise for the AO+ Mist. I've been using it for almost a year and I can't remember the last time my skin looked and felt so good. One of the best things about it is how easy it is to use"
"I really like the product and plan to continue its use. My skin continues to look better....smaller pores and better color....I'm fascinated by this product. I think it started helping with the general look of my skin right away."
"AO+ mist has made my face less oily and has improved the condition of the skin on my chest and back."
"Positive, skin became softer."
"Good. I haven't used any kind of soap (except on a couple key areas) on my body for 4 months, and I definitely feel like my skin appreciates it."
"I love these products! They leave my skin and scalp feeling clean but not stripped dry. Love!"
"Excellent. I jumped in quickly with no shampoo, no soap, and no deodorant. The mist was the missing ingredient that allowed getting rid of the deodorant. I also don't need a moisturizer! Skin looks better. The morning routine is brushing the hair, a water only shower, then a misting. When possible, I also mist again later in the day"
"The AO+ Mist is the finest overall product the I have ever used for my complexion. And, over the years, I had tried just about everything. AO + Mist makes my complexion look and feel good."
"I've been very pleased with it so far. I bought a 1 month supply and I'm planning to reorder shortly. I've completely stopped using any sort of soaps or moisturizers on my face, but the quality of my skin is improved, as is the redness."