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It's not all or nothing
Using the AO+ Mist doesn't mean that you need to overhaul your whole routine. While there are users that do this, there are also users that don't and still have great results. Everyone is different. We've developed our biome-friendly cleanser and shampoo to create some basic substitutions, but know it doesn't cover everything.

Just know that even if you wash away your AOBs every day, or are only able to use them during one part of the day, it's OK as long as you're consistent with routine of reapplying. Their presence, every bit of it, helps to keep the peace within the ecosystem on your skin.
Here are the only non-negotiables
Make sure you shake (and we mean shake) the bottle before every single use. Otherwise the AOBs will settle to the bottom and you won't dispense as many of them when you spray (and that would be sad).

If you're using other products, use the Mist last. For example, if you have an SPF, let that absorb first, and then spritz the mist on. It does more damage to the AOBs to apply something directly on top of them.
The AO+ Mist will keep its activity for 4 weeks at room temp or 6 months in the fridge. You should keep the AO+ Mist refrigerated until you first start using it. Once you start using the product, you can keep it at room temp somewhere convenient like your bathroom counter, for example. After 4 weeks at room temperature, the bacteria start to lose activity. Think of the refrigerator as a way to pause or slow down the loss of activity. You're welcome to keep the AO+ Mist in the fridge even after you begin using it in order to stretch the life of the product beyond 1 month.

Since the shampoo and cleanser do not contain live bacteria, so they do not require the same concern around preventing loss of activity. The shampoo and cleanser are sterile until your first pump. Because we've formulated these products without preservatives, you should discard the cleanser and the shampoo after 2 months of use.

Concerned about shipping? Check out our FAQ for more specifics on our precautions.
Every microbiome is unique. This means that the way you might respond to the AO+ Mist might be different from the person next to you. What it looks like to restore and rebalance your skin biome is different for every individual. We do expect you to feel a real impact and connection with how the AO+ Mist interacts with your skin.

Check out this interactive body map for some ideas.

Give a full spray to your scalp morning and night. This may help to reduce how often you need to wash your hair and help with dryness.
Mist directly on your face, or you can spray into your hands and rub onto your face and neck. Mist your face after using any other products. Mist your face in the morning after applying any products like moisturizers or makeup, and then again in the evening after fully removing those products with a gentle cleanser.
Mist as needed under your arms, especially after showering or before a sweaty activity like working out. Misting morning and night can help reduce the need for deodorants and antiperspirants.
Mist morning and night to reduce the need for frequent showers. Safe for use on babies and children to nurture healthy skin in this sensitive area.
The bacteria in your Mist love sweaty areas, and this includes your hands! Mist after a day full of hand washing and/or antibacterial gels to restore your hand's microbiome.
The bacteria in your Mist feed off sweat and the byproduct produced can help fight odor causing bacteria. Mist morning and night, or before any sweaty activity.