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Your moisturizer has squalane. Doesn't that come from animals?

Squalane and squalene are two ingredients that sound very similar and can often get confused. Squalane is derived from plants and is slightly different in chemical structure and more stable than squalene. Squalene is found both plants and animals, and is even common in human skin cells! 

Squalene has been in the spotlight for several years due to controversy over sourcing. Shark liver is an abundant source of squalene and deep sea shark fisheries provided ample supply of this ingredient. In recent years, increased awareness and voluntary bans on deep-sea shark fisheries spearheaded by efforts in the EU along with commitments from many cosmetics companies to source squalene from alternative sources have reduced over-fishing of sharks. Because squalene can be harvested from alternative plant sources, like olives, wheat germ, and rice, you can still find squalene and squalane in cosmetics products.

At Mother Dirt, we use squalane that is 100% sourced from olives. We have documentation to this end and are happy to share it! Feel free to email us and we can send you the additional information. 

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