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Blog - Real Routines Spotlight: Margaret Lee

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May 11, 2018

Real Routines Spotlight: Margaret Lee

Margaret Lee is a nature lover who explores the wilderness and follows wherever it takes her whether on her bike, hiking in the woods, rock climbing, or simply photographing it. As a nutritionist and acupuncturist, she values the importance of keeping a balanced lifestyle and educates clients on the importance of how it affects physical, mental, and spiritual health. Read on to learn about her real routine!

Walk us through your daily skincare routine / How do you work Mother Dirt into your daily routine?

I stick to a very simple skincare routine; cleanse, moisturize and spritz on the refreshing AO+ Mist. I’ll also add sunscreen if I’m heading outside.

How did you first hear about Mother Dirt?

I see many clients with conditions related to the digestive system directly and indirectly; fix the digestive system and many conditions will rebalance themselves. While doing some research on gut flora, I came across Mother Dirt and thought WOW! This is amazing…someone finally made a product that would be great for imbalances of the skin.

How do you interpret “less is more?” Are there any other ways this philosophy plays into your life?

Keep things simple. Adopt simple skin care routines and you'll age gracefully; don't over cleanse or overload your skin with makeup. Eat simple and real food. Be mindful; no need to overcomplicate life by over-thinking or over-worrying.

Why do you feel it’s important to maintain a healthy microbiome?

A healthy microbiome is fundamental to health and wellbeing from your physical to mental and emotional being. Studies have shown it has a wide range of influence from your digestive system, immunity as well as your moods. It’s a constant balancing act between the good and bad bacteria within the microbiome that can easily be changed for the better or worse with diet, lifestyle and exposure to toxins or antibiotics.

Why do you feel it’s important to connect with nature?

It’s a way of grounding yourself and connecting back to the basics. The fresh air revitalizes and the relaxing environment allows the body to slow down for deeper breathing and de-stressing. When you’re grounded, your body mind and spirit are able to function at an optimal level.