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We're Cutting Down on Packaging

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Starting April 12th, 2016, we will be introducing an eco-friendly packaging mode for online orders. In fact, it will be the default shipping option. This means:

  • Bottles will be shipped without paper boxes or inserts
  • We'll be using new, lightweight mailers instead of our large foil mailers
  • Insulated mailers will be shipped in FedEx bags instead of large FedEx boxes

Sending product as a gift? There will be an option at checkout for users to purchase product in full packaging and in gift boxes.

Small Changes = Big Impact

Cutting down on packaging won't just affect the pile-up in your recycling bins. It will also improve our carbon footprint by helping reduce our water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, paper usage, and solid waste. With these changes, we'll be saving more than 172,000 gallons of water (more than enough for 6,000 showers)! It also saves over 43 tons of paper, or 180 trees.

This is one step towards decreasing our impact on the environment and reconnecting with a natural, healthy world. We hope to continue to make improvements on this front as we move forward as a company.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email us at We'll also be updating our FAQ as we get new questions from you, so keep it coming!

The Nitty-Gritty:

When will this go into effect?
We'll start using this shipping method as our default setting starting today. Your order will arrive in either a small white mailer, or a clear mailer filled with air. Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram when you when your new shipment arrives. :)

What about subscription orders?
Subscription orders will also be switched over to this eco-friendly packaging option. If you strongly prefer the standard packaging option please let us know.

What is the new insulation made out of?
One of our new mailers will be insulated with air, and one will be insulated with foam. The air mailers (Air Boxes) will be used for smaller shipments, and the foam mailers (XPander Packs) will be used for larger shipments. Both of them inflate, using air as the primary insulator instead of more waste materials.

What are the recycling instructions?
Our new shipping mailers are made of a plastic that can be recycled along with your other plastic products. Just toss them in the recycling bin :) Feel free to check out this page for more detailed recycling instructions.

Why are you charging for gift boxes now?
Our gift box is our least eco-friendly option, as it includes a significant amount of packaging. Additionally, gift boxes will need to be shipped in a larger, packaging-heavy shipping box.

Anything else?
Send us an email at and we're happy to answer any other questions!

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