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Behind the Scenes: Our Biome-Friendly Testing Program

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We live in an era with more of everything. Our bathroom counters, showers, and medicine cabinets are cluttered with products and ingredients. But despite all the innovations, we seem to struggle with our skin more than ever. Where's the disconnect?

We've long believed that bacteria on the skin are harmful. As our understanding has grown, so has the fascination with the role of healthy bacteria in and on the body. Scientists are finding that bacteria on the skin and in the body are in fact crucial, and that being "too clean" might be tied to our rising health problems.

It Started With You

Almost two years ago, when we introduced the idea of restoring good bacteria to the skin, you asked us to go further. You were starting to see your skin in a different way, as an ecosystem, and you wanted new, natural products that protected it—products that are friendly to the good bacteria on your skin.

You inspired us to begin our biome-friendly program. To do this, we needed to revisit every assumption that guides the personal care industry today. We needed to start from the beginning: from where we source our raw materials, to how we test, to how we manufacture and produce the final product.

The New Wave of Happy, Biome-Friendly Skin Care

Driven by your enthusiasm, we set out to create biome-friendly skin care formulas that are:

  • Simple (10 ingredients or less)
  • Raw and plant-based
  • Preservative free and, most importantly,
  • Certified to not harm the good bacteria on the your skin.

For the first time ever, we've created a live probiotic Mist, Cleanser, and Shampoo that are inspired by biology, not chemistry. Products created so that you need less, not more.

We strive to continuously build our portfolio of biome-friendly ingredients to allow us to enhance formulas and create new skin care products. As we advance the science of the skin microbiome and the role of bacteria, we hope to help the industry understand how to take the skin microbiome into consideration.

Our “Why”

We're doing this because we believe that understanding our own microbiome—the one that lives in our bodies and on our skin—will bring us closer to skin health. We want to embrace this natural ecosystem and help it restore balance, so that we need less to be better.

Most importantly, we hope you see how crucial you are in this new field we're building and discovering, together.

You're bringing us closer to a world where clean comes with healthy.




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