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Sensitive Skin
Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Regimen

Our Foaming Cleanser is formulated without harsh surfactants so it’s gentle on your skin. Instead we use amphoteric surfactants, like Lauramidopropyl Betaine, which simply means they’re less abrasive and less harsh your traditional surfactants that are found in most products. And because dryness is an attribute for sensitive skin, the Glycerin combined with the Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract increase moisturization.  

Our Body Wash has a similar ingredient profile as our Foaming Cleanser, so you’re getting the same mild surfactants. And you get the added gentleness of emollients for moisturization that have low irritancy like Sweet Almond Oil and Coco Caprylate.


Our Moisturizer can be used on face or body. And don’t let the small tube fool you, there’s plenty in there for use head-to-toe because each area only needs a few drops. 

All of the ingredients in the Moisturizer are good for sensitive skin, but the Squalane combined with the Linoleic Acid work great together to make your skin barrier stronger and protect against irritants, on top of moisturizing your skin.

There’s also no added fragrance, which gives you the added measure of care when dealing with sensitive skin.


Here’s why you need AO+ Mist in your sensitive skin routine. 

Our AO+ Mist contains Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB), it once lived on our skin naturally, but over time, the harsh chemicals in our personal care products removed it. You may have heard us refer to AOB as a peacekeeper, and that’s because it harmonizes any environment’s in - in nature and on your skin. And it does this by converting irritants like Ammonia and Urea into beneficial byproducts for your skin. Sensitive skin sufferers, this is music to your ears! 

Here’s the deal. If you’re not sure if the AO+ Mist is right for you, give it a try for 30 days. If at the end of that period you don’t see the results you had hoped, let us know and we’ll give you a refund.


Sensitive Skin Kit

Recommended Kit

Sensitive skin often gets red, and sometimes itchy. And it can hurt! We know because we’ve been there. And that’s why we can help. Our sensitive skin routine is gentle, soothing, and effective.