Why You Should Switch To a Natural Deodorant

Jenna Jolls

Odds are you’ve been hearing some buzz around natural deodorants. With growing research showing that switching to a natural deodorant can be beneficial to your health, we decided to take a deep dive into how they work and why they’re better for you than conventional deodorants or antiperspirants.

Conventional Deodorants vs Antiperspirants

Did you know that conventional deodorant and antiperspirants work in different ways to reduce body odor? According to Healthline, conventional deodorant works by increasing the skin’s acidity while antiperspirants work by reducing sweat. But, despite their mainstream popularity, both conventional deodorant and antiperspirant contain ingredients that may cause more harm than good.

Conventional Deodorant

Conventional deodorants are formulated to eliminate odor from your underarms, but not perspiration. Typically alcohol-based, when applied, conventional deodorants turn your skin acidic, making it less attractive to bacteria. Conventional deodorants also commonly contain perfume to mask odor, which is known to cause irritation to sensitive underarm skin.


Antiperspirant works by temporarily blocking your sweat ducts. ​​Typically formulated with aluminum chloride and other aluminum compounds, antiperspirant stops your body from being able to rid itself of impurities and can contain ingredients that may be harmful to your health. Some even theorize that antiperspirants may increase the risk of diseases like breast cancer.

“Breast cancer incidence tends to align with use of products that contain the metal. Especially if you shave under your arms, applying a product containing aluminum to that broken skin could be bad news,” says Philippa Darbre, an oncologist at the University of Reading in the U.K.

What Is Natural Deodorant?

So, what exactly makes a deodorant natural? Besides avoiding synthetic and artificial ingredients, these deodorants commonly have three components, according to Healthline.

First, they usually contain ingredients with disinfectant or antibacterial properties, like coconut oil and tea tree oil. Second, essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender, sandalwood, or bergamot provide a pleasant scent. And third, they have naturally absorbent ingredients like baking soda, arrowroot or cornstarch to combat moisture.

Natural deodorants also won’t plug sweat glands like aluminum-based antiperspirants.

Why Switch To A Natural Deodorant

Now that we’ve gone over the differences between antiperspirants, conventional deodorants and natural deodorants, here are some benefits of switching to a natural deodorant:

1. Allows You To Sweat

    Rather than blocking your sweat ducts like antiperspirant, natural deodorants allow your body to carry out its natural cooling process in addition to neutralizing odor. 

    2. Simpler Ingredients

      Instead of using aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium to block your pores, natural deodorants typically contain recognizable ingredients like arrowroot powder to combat body odor.

      3. Saves Your Clothes

      Contrary to popular belief, sweat isn’t behind those embarrassing yellow armpit stains. The real culprit? Aluminum. When proteins in your sweat react with the aluminum compounds in your antiperspirant, yellow stains occur.

      4. Better For The Environment

      Triclosan, a chemical that is sometimes used in conventional deodorant for its antibacterial properties, has been proven to be harmful to the environment. Not only has it been shown to be toxic to aquatic organisms, but the “use and disposal of products containing triclosan result in significant discharges of this toxic chemical into wastewater treatment plants and the environment,” according to the Environmental Working Group.

      5. Safer For Sensitive Skin

      Conventional deodorant and antiperspirant often contain components like aluminum and synthetic fragrance, which can irritate sensitive or allergy-prone skin. On the contrary, natural deodorants typically use skin-friendly ingredients like coconut oil and jojoba to soothe, nourish and moisturize sensitive underarm skin.

      Mother Dirt’s Probiotic Deodorant

      Mother Dirt’s Probiotic Deodorant with lemongrass is a natural, aluminum-free deodorant that effectively fights and neutralizes body odor. It contains ingredients like natural starches to absorb sweat and moisture while sunflower and coconut oils give a smooth glide to keep skin nourished. Plus, it helps preserve a healthy microbiome.

      Benefits of our Probiotic Deodorant

      • Acts as a primer for our patented AO+ Restorative Mist
      • Effectively fights and neutralizes body odor
      • Helps preserve a healthy microbiome
      • Formulated without synthetic fragrance, phthalates, alcohol, and aluminum
      • Designed for all skin types
      • 30-day money-back guarantee
      • Vegan and cruelty-free

      Ingredients in our Probiotic Deodorant

      We believe in full transparency, so if you are interested in learning more about the ingredients that we use in our products, don't forget to check out our ingredients glossary.

      Made with all-natural ingredients, our Probiotic Deodorant contains:

      • Probiotic extracts - help preserve a healthy microbiome
      • Lemongrass oil - neutralizes odor
      • Natural starches - absorb sweat and moisture
      • Sunflower/coconut oils - give a smooth glide and nourish skin
      • Oat kernel oil - helps soothe and moisturize sensitive skin
      • Yeast extract - acts as food for good bacteria

      How Our Deodorant Works

      The Power Couple

      Known as the power couple, our Probiotic Deodorant and patented AO+ Restorative Mist work better together.

      Our Probiotic Deodorant balances your microbiome for safe, effective odor control - but when you follow it with a spray of our AO+ Restorative Mist, it takes it to the next level. Our Probiotic Deodorant is exactly what the live AOB needs to thrive. A symbiotic relationship at its most beautiful. ⁠

      Ready to try our natural deodorant and patented probiotic mist? Purchase our Probiotic Deodorant and AO+ Restorative Mist today.

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