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Editor's Note: If you follow Mother Dirt, you know we recently launched our first-ever Active Probiotic System Acne Treatment Kit, The Difference, which uses probiotics to treat and restore blemish-prone skin. We've asked our friend, Ashley Jones, to share her best advice for those with acne-prone skin as well as her personal experiences growing up with stubborn breakouts.

Acne is not a topic we openly discuss. But it happens to almost all of us, so I wish we would normalize it. In the past, when I’ve had heinous seasons of acne, I did everything I could to conceal it. I actually became quite good at covering it up. 

I’ve spent a great deal of time on studio sets with heavy makeup under hot lights (I still do!), which is not ideal for my skin. I thought I was “helping” myself with at home extracting sessions, but what was really happening? I was spreading bad bacteria all over my face. Also, what is hard to understand when you’re younger is the permanent damage you are doing stretching your pores. I had good skin throughout my teen years, so when adult hormonal acne happened, it was all new to me. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I shouldn’t have been, though. 

I had a front burner storyline on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL in a love triangle and I didn’t want to show my face on screen. I had to have the camera tight on my face in kissing scenes! I was mortified. The acne had gotten bad in areas and was so inflamed, it changed the shape of my jaw line. 

I tried antibiotics, Proactiv, salicylic acid, etc. These worked temporarily, but resulted in redness, scabbing sometimes (which is hard to cover up).  Actually, without repairing and nourishing, I would dry out my skin so badly, it would overproduce oil to counteract my skincare choices and the acne cycle would continue. 

I finally learned the goal is not to just treat the acne, but to balance and repair the microbiome.  When your biome is unbalanced, your skin is not happy and acts out with acne. I believe in balancing the inside of the body, as well as the outside. 

Just like when you’re sick and you have to take an antibiotic, it’s so important to take a PRObiotic. You don’t want to wipe out all the bacteria; it’s important to keep the good stuff. The same concept applies to skin. Mother Dirt’s AO+ Restorative Mist is the magic potion I’ve been using to maintain a balance on the outside. 

I saw my girlfriend’s daughter recently. She is 16 (let’s call her Sally) and growing up and dealing with the most normal thing in the world - acne. Sally did not believe I ever had horrible breakouts until I showed her the proof (it’s SHOCKING). And I still deal with it sometimes if I get lazy about skincare.

My TOP ideas for Sally:

  1. PLEASE do not touch/pick your face. I did this for years (still do sometimes, I’m human). If it’s a very unsightly white blemish, there’s a process to help rid that but do not use your dirty fingernails.
  2. Clean your skin properly every morning and every night and after every workout. When cleaning, make sure you go all the way to the hairline and behind the ears.
  3. Invest in a routine that you will stick to and works for you. Mother Dirt's Active Probiotic System Acne Treatment Kit: The Difference is simple enough but effective.
  4. Drink water and add probiotics to your daily intake.
  5. For adult skin (once you get there), incorporate a retinol that works for your skin, but as always, please discuss these steps with your doctor. 

Ashley Jones is a mother, actress and writer. She is recurring on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, guest starring on some of your favorite primetime shows (stay tuned for one coming soon) and her film DOUBLE KIDNAPPED will air on Lifetime in 2021. Due to pandemic binging, Ashley also has a new fan base from her role on TRUE BLOOD. Visit her on her blog and follow on social: Instagram @ashleyaubraFacebook: @AshleyJonesOfficialTwitter: @AshleyAJones

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