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Introducing New Packaging for our Moisturizer

Introducing New Packaging for our Moisturizer

You often hear us say that we take your feedback to heart. Well, you spoke up about our leaky Moisturizer bottle, and we heard you loud and clear. Here Mother Dirt President, Jasmina Aganovic, talks about our new Moisturizer packaging and gives some insight into why these things take so darn long.

Jasmina Aganovic

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that we are thrilled to be introducing new packaging for our Moisturizer. It’s better in literally every way. You can tell pretty much just by looking at it, but here’s a list:

  1. Less plastic
  2. Leak-proof
  3. Travel-friendly
  4. Easy to dispense
  5. More stable

The Moisturizer is now packaged in a tube with a unique dropper dispensing mechanism that offers more control leaking!


The love/hate relationship

Several customers have commented on how they love our Moisturizer, but hate the packaging. Reading and hearing about it was a punch in the gut.

"I love this, but....! Was worried it would be a bit greasy but it sinks right in and my skin is super soft for it. But every time I use it the bottle leaks and gets every whereeeee." - Holly

"One star for the bottle, FIVE STARS FOR THE CONTENTS. If you would just fix the cap, this would be PERFECTO!" - Rhett

Once these reviews and feedback started rolling in, we dug into it. Here’s what we found.

The bad: We did testing on that original bottle and pump system and were disheartened when we saw that the rate of leakage for our (admittedly) tricky formula was higher than we had expected.

The good: We learned a valuable lesson on how much more we needed to add to our packaging validation process.

Leaky bottles are the mother of creativity...?

Many of our customers took matters into their own hands and created workarounds with the packaging so they could continue using the Moisturizer despite the hurdles the bottle presented. We found it to be pretty amazing and inspiring that the formula delivered results good enough for people to keep using it while they waited as we worked on the packaging.

"(...) The bottle leaks a lot, which is annoying for how much it cost. I've just went ahead and poured it all into a glass dropper bottle so I won't end up wasting any more of it." - Julie

"(...) Frustrated with the daily mess...I moved the bottle to the shower and started using it like an after shower body oil (don't dry off, just rub it on while you're wet and then air dry or pat gently with a towel.) LOVE this way to use it - I never need body lotion afterward and my skin doesn't feel dry, even the next day." -Katie

Is patience a virtue?

It's never as easy or as quick as one would think. We launched the Moisturizer in Fall of 2016. Reports of faulty bottles came in early 2017. We monitored complaints closely over the next few months and subsequently began discussions with the manufacturer. Once we made the tough call that the only real solution was moving away from the packaging entirely, we started looking for new options in November 2017.

"I’ve been using the moisturizer since early 2017. Despite the responses from MD regarding the leaky bottle that numerous customers point out, and alleged “new packaging is on the way” - nothing seems to change." - Jennifer

Packaging changes can take a long time. In this case, we had several challenges:

  1. Finding something for a tricky texture like this moisturizer.
  2. Was still unisex in appearance (close to half our customers are men).
  3. Needing to repeat various testing for both for the US and EU.
  4. Managing the long lead time for ordering and manufacturing.

We selected some candidates for the new package and began testing in June 2018. Once we made the decision to move forward on “the one,” the lead times for manufacturing are several months (typically a minimum of 3 months) before the product is even filled.

One area that we weren’t (yet) able to make work for this particular packaging was incorporating PCR plastic. We tried, but the nature of the squalane in the formula makes it a challenging candidate for PCR. However, we’re happy to report that this new packaging uses considerably less plastic than the old bottle. (And we do have some exciting packaging updates on the PCR front coming soon - stay tuned!)

After a long journey, we’re finally here. Thanks for your patience and continued enthusiasm for the Moisturizer, and please let us know how you like the new packaging. As you can see, we take your feedback to heart.