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How to Use Mother Dirt's Body Wash?

Geraldine Orentas

This age-old debate between bar soaps and body washes has a clear winner - the body wash. Bar soaps are easier to use and faster. But, many of them contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a surfactant that can strip away the body's natural oils. They also tend to have higher pH levels than our skin's natural levels, which can be irritating.

On the other hand, body washes, like Mother Dirt’s Postbiotic Body Wash, are formulated with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, sweet almond oil, and coconut extract. Read on to learn about the benefits of body wash for dry skin and what you should be looking for. 

How to Use a Body Wash to Treat Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, showering in and of itself can be problematic. Using hot water can strip the natural oils from your skin's protective barrier. Very much like dry heat indoors and cold air outdoors, do the same thing. Swapping your standard soap for a moisturizing body wash with hydrating ingredients that are pH-balanced and sulfate-free can counteract the dryness. 

The best way to use a hydrating body wash for dry skin is as follow:

  • Use lukewarm water. Hot water dries out the skin. Limit your showers to less than 10 minutes. If you have dry skin, bathing should be done no more than once a day. Even if you exercise, consider just rinsing off with water. Excessive bathing can remove the natural oils from the skin and cause dryness. 
  • Opt for a moisturizing body wash. Avoid using harsh soaps that dry the skin. Ideally, you want to choose a body wash with moisturizing and hydrating properties that promote moisture and treat dry skin without stripping the skin from its natural oils. 
  • Avoid vigorous use of washcloths in cleansing. Whether you're using a sponge or a loofah while you shower, try to avoid vigorous motions that can irritate sensitive skin. The same goes after stepping out of the shower. Instead of rubbing the skin with a towel, blot, or pat dry, some moisture is left on the skin. 
  • Seal moisture with body oil. The best time to apply a body oil is immediately after the shower. Think of it as a protective layer that you add to your skin that traps water’s moisture, hydrating properties, and body wash. This is particularly beneficial for people with sensitive and extremely dry skin.

Benefits of Using a Body Wash

The secret to healthy skin is moisture. To do this, it's important to add hydration to every step of your skincare routine. This means moisturizing shouldn't just be part of your post-shower routine, but during it, too. 

1. Boost Moisture

Regular body washes can still strip your skin of its natural oils, often leaving it feeling tight and somewhat dry. Our Postbiotic Body Wash uses a gentle formula that holds on to moisture without over-cleansing or damaging the skin barrier.  

Ingredients like squalane and sweet almond oil help skin retain moisture and lock it in to boost hydration. And, saccharomyces ferment helps soothe dry skin to give you long-lasting comfort. 

2. Balance the Skin's Microbiome

Traditional body washes rarely include ingredients that protect the skin barrier. The skin microbiome is an ecosystem of bacteria on the skin's surface that guard you against pathogens that could affect your skin's overall health. When the skin microbiome is balanced, the skin feels and looks healthy. 

An unbalanced skin microbiome can lead to skin issues like dryness and itching. 

Our unique formula contains a powerful blend of postbiotics designed to help maintain a balanced microbiome, so you can protect the skin barrier, and treat dry skin with our formula. 

3. Soften the Skin

Unlike leaving moisturizing as part of your post-shower routine, you won't have to wait long to see results using a body wash for dry skin. The key here is layering different hydrating products that restore the skin and lock in moisture. 

Thanks to its unique blend of cleansers that lift dirt and oil without damaging the skin barrier or over drying the skin. Our Postbiotic Revitalizing Body Wash leaves you with a softer and smoother skin wash after wash. 

4. Tackle Dryness

There's a misconception that you must use a scrub or an exfoliant to treat dry patches. But, using scrubs on dry spots can possibly make it worse, irritating the skin further and potentially causing damage to your skin that can lead to infections. 

A moisturizing body wash like Mother Dirt's Postbiotic Revitalizing Body Wash will tackle dryness for you, and it's much gentler on the skin than harsh scrubbing. When used with moisturizing body oil, it can help treat dry patches and sustain hydration. Supple skin is essential to trigger our skin's anti-inflammatory response and help it remain calm.

5. Hydrate Sensitive Skin

Many bar soaps can irritate sensitive skin, which can make it drier. When sensitive skin becomes dry, it's more likely to flare up and cause rashes, redness, and itchiness. So, treating sensitive skin with a hydrating and gentle body wash is important to keep it healthy.

Using a moisturizing body wash for dry skin will work wonders for sensitive skin. Usually, these are synthetic fragrance-free and deliver nourishment and hydration to sensitive skin without irritating it. 

6. Cleanse Your Skin Without Drying

Most body washes contain skin-softening emollients that keep the skin hydrated and can help lock moisture in. For dry skin, a delicate body wash can gently cleanse dirt and oils without aggravating your dry skin.

Unlike soaps, body washes have a liquid consistency infused with foaming agents that produce a luxurious later when put in contact with water. Usually, sulfate-free body washes are infused with plant-based cleansers, making them soap-free alternatives that are an excellent option for those with dry skin. 

7. Easy of Use

People think that bar soaps are easier to use than body wash, but the truth couldn't be further away from that. A moisturizing body wash can be especially useful in rushed mornings. All it takes is one shower to nourish your skin and leave it hydrated and cleansed for the day ahead. 

When you use a moisturizing body wash, you can skin the body lotion as your skin will be already hydrated, protected, and ready to face the day. 

What to Look For When Choosing a Body Wash

A body wash can help cleanse and improve the condition of your skin over time. Mother Dirt's body washes for dry skin contain nutrients beneficial to your skin, paired with moisturizers that can be less drying than bar soaps. 

Body washes can infuse water, vitamins and minerals, and essential oils into your skin to protect against the elements – particularly important during cold or dry weather. 

When looking for a body wash for dry skin, opt for one with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients that are gentle on the skin:

  • Lauryl glucoside, a gentle detergent
  • Sodium lauroyl isethionate, a mild soap
  • Hydrolyzed milk protein to soften and smooth the skin
  • Glycerin to hold moisture
  • Sunflower seed oil rich in vitamin E to soften the skin
  • Oatmeal to treat irritation and calm skin 
  • Sweet almond oil helps skin retain moisture better
  • Apricot kernel oil maintains softness and radiance
  • Aloe vera to calm irritated skin 
  • Coconut oil locks in moisture
  • Shea butter helps moisturize and soothe dry skin

More hydrating ingredients include hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture. Many of these ingredients are lipids and fatty acids that replace the natural oils removed during cleansing. Other ingredients are humectants, like glycerin, that help trap moisture in the skin to repair the damage. 

Caring for Dry Skin

Although dehydrated skin can result from different factors, more often than not, it's the result of using beauty products with harsh or skin-sensitizing ingredients that disrupt the barrier. Dry skin can also result from using the wrong products for your skin, which leads to an imbalance. 

In essence, you could look at dry skin as your skin complaining or reacting to something you're doing in your current routine. 

On the other hand, you want to avoid skin-aggravating ingredients that can dry out the skin. Ingredients like menthol, synthetic fragrances, denatured alcohol, and peppermint can dry out the skin's surface. The same can happen after using abrasive scrubs or cleansing brushes. 

All of these can damage the skin's surface, trigger flare-ups, and unbalance the skin microbiome. An undisturbed and nourished skin surface is exceedingly essential for healthy-looking skin. Using effective products for dry skin can yield ideal results.

You should be able to see a noticeable improvement rather quickly. And you can make adjustments until you find the perfect balance. 

The Takeaway

When it comes to choosing the right body wash for dry skin, the benefits you'll get from Mother Dirt's Postbiotic Revitalizing Body Wash far surpass any regular body wash or bar soap. Body washes give you a luxurious lather that gently cleanses and moisturizes at the same time. 

Not to mention, with the right body wash, you can treat dry skin, acne, irritation and be gentle on sensitive skin to prevent flare-ups. 

Elevating your skin care routine with a sulfate-free body wash can allow dry skin to heal and replenish while you infuse it with hydrating ingredients. Try our moisturizing body wash to feel the difference and start nourishing your skin in every shower.

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