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How to Use Body Oil Correctly

Geraldine Orentas

woman using body oil

When it comes to keeping your body's skin moisturized, there are two key players: lotions and oils (and ensuring your microbiome is balanced!). Though both oils and lotions moisturize the skin, they get the job done differently. Here are some key tips for using body oil, if this type of product is new to you.

1. Apply It Post-Shower

The best time to use body oils is immediately after your shower. It will help seal the skin's hydration. Just after toweling off, spray away and rub the oil in completely. Wait until the oil dries entirely and gently blot any excess using a soft towel if you feel the need. The goal is to leave the skin feeling soft but not greasy and it can absorb differently for different skin types.

2. Use With Cream or Lotion

You can also layer body oil, using it before or after your lotion based moisturizer. When you use body oil under or on top of a lotion, it's possible to see improved penetration of the active ingredients, which will yield more noticeable hydrating results. Using a body oil can help boost your skin's radiance over time. 

3. Drop Some In Your Bath

If you're taking a bath, adding a few drops of body oil to the tub will kickstart the moisturizing process as you soak. Look for body oils mixed with a natural fragrance you love to provide an aromatherapy experience while moisturizing. 

4. Use It as Moisturizer Daily

Restore moisture and hydration by using your body oil daily. Body oils can hydrate your skin, balance your mood and allow you to practice self-care. 

Moisturizing daily can also help prevent excessive oily or dry skin. And if it's Mother Dirt's Body Oil you're using, you'll be taking care of your microbiome.

Benefits of Using Body Oil

Skin oils have been used for decades to promote moisture, promote a healthier skin barrier function and nourish the skin. Many body oils are rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and nourishing ingredients key for skin health. 


Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of body oils is their hydration benefits. Mother Dirt's Postbiotic Moisturizing Body Oil, for example, increases skin hydration by 33% in just one hour.

Soothes and Softens Your Skin

Oils contain natural lipids, similar to those present in our skin barrier. These lipids help fill the gaps between our skin cells that can appear due to dryness or flaking. Thus, oils create a smoother surface as it traps these lipids in our skin. 

Rich in Antioxidant Properties

Many oils contain antioxidants that can help protect the skin, repair flaky skin and diminish the appearance of stretch marks and scars. 

Body Lotion vs. Body Oil

Body oil is simply that – an oil. It can be formulated using mineral oils or more luxurious plant oils. The most significant difference between body oils and body lotions is their fatty content. 

Oils contain different fatty acids, including linoleic and oleic acids, known as omega-6 and omega-9. They help protect our skin barrier

For example, our Moisturizing Body Oil contains ingredients like almond oil, squalane, and apricot kernel oil to replenish dry skin. Then, a powerful blend of postbiotics helps maintain the skin's microbiome and promotes skin health. 

Body lotions, on the other hand, contain different humectants. These ingredients bring moisture to the skin to protect the skin's barrier and promote hydration. However, not all body creams are infused with the essential fatty acids oils have.

Best Oils to Use on Your Body

There are so many oils you can use to help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. The best oils are lightweight, fast-absorbing, and rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. Opt for non-comedogenic body oils, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. Simply put, non-comedogenic products don't have ingredients that will clog or block your pores. 

Wrapping Up

Picking a body oil can be one of the best things you can do for your skin, especially if you have dry skin

Our body oil can be incorporated into your skincare routine and work as a primer for our patented AO+ Restorative Mist for enhanced results. Designed for all skin types, this lightweight moisturizing body oil is excellent for year-round use. 

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