The Benefits of Probiotics for Hair & The Scalp Microbiome

Jenna Jolls

Scaly. Itchy. Painful. Dry. If any of these words come to mind when you think about your scalp, or if your hair is lacking luster, shine, or bounce, there could be a simple explanation as to why - one which you may have never even considered. 

Regularly using hair products with harsh surfactants and sulfates (think of your average drugstore shampoo and conditioner) can take a huge toll, not just on the health of your hair, but on your scalp microbiome as well. The result can be “slow-growing, damaged hair prone to split ends and an unhealthy scalp,” but here we’ll be untangling how probiotic-infused hair-care can help to regulate and restore balance to the microflora of your scalp, for your smoothest, healthiest hair ever.

What Are Probiotics?

In short, probiotics are live microorganisms that offer anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Also known as 'good bacteria', probiotics for your skin work similarly to those intended for gut health by restoring essential bacteria and rebalancing the skin microbiome.

How They Work

Probiotic skincare aims to put good bacteria back on the skin's surface to help balance and brighten the complexion. It also helps nurture the skin biome and works with your sweat to keep pH levels in check.

How Do Probiotics Benefit My Hair & Scalp?

There are many benefits to using topical hair and scalp products infused with probiotics.

“According to experts, probiotics can help rebuild and strengthen the scalp’s skin barrier since, while scalp skin is typically self-regulating, if it becomes unbalanced the result can be itchiness, increased scalp sensitivity, dandruff and-in the worst-case scenario – psoriasis,” a writer from The Yale Tribune reported. “When applied, probiotic-infused skincare lowers the skin’s pH and creates an environment for healthy bacteria, while discouraging the proliferation of unhealthy bacteria.”

Data on file at Procter & Gamble, via ScienceDirect, says that in a survey of 735 adults in the United States, 39% reported having experienced some flaking, and almost 50% complained of scalp itch.

These high numbers show that scalp and hair disorders are quite common and can range from mild to extreme. That’s where topical probiotics come in. “Keeping your scalp microbiome balanced, could be the key to getting rid of some of your most frustrating scalp concerns,” according to lifestyle and news publication Well+Good.

Why Mother Dirt’s Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash & Conditioner?

Formulated without harsh surfactants or synthetic fragrance, our gentle, all-natural Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash deeply cleanses hair while restoring balance and strengthening the scalp microbiome.

Key Ingredients

  • Probiotic Extracts - Cleanse hairs and strengthen your scalp microbiome
  • Rose Water - Reduces oiliness and balances the scalp
  • Squalane - Moisturizes hair, increases shine and protects the scalp
  • Coconut - Smooths and conditions the scalp

Our Probiotic Hydrating Conditioner provides lightweight hydration to moisturize hair without weighing it down for smoother, healthier-looking hair.

Key Ingredients

  • Probiotic Extracts - Nourish, smooth and soften hair
  • Tucuma Butter - Adds shine and protects hair from breakage
  • Rose Water - Softens hair and reduces frizz

Results To Expect

Together, our Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash and Conditioner strengthen damaged hair and help prevent future breakage - leaving your hair feeling strong, full and soft. Mother Dirt customer, Patricia O. says, "I've been using Mother Dirt products for years and I love them. My hair looks and feels cleaner for longer."

For enhanced results, you can also add a few spritzes of our patented live and active AO+ Restorative Mist to your hair-care routine to further boost your biome.

Restore, rinse, repeat!

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