How To Support Your Skin Microbiome

Jenna Jolls

How To Support Your Skin Microbiome

We know that preserving the delicate balance of your skin's microbiome is essential, but what happens if your microbiome becomes compromised? If you think you may have done some damage to your skin microbiome over the years, it's essential to know how you can support its function.

Here we'll explore the skin microbiome, what causes it to become compromised, and how to support your skin microbiome for optimal skin health.

What is the Skin Microbiome?

So, what exactly is the skin microbiome? Also known as the skin microbiota, the skin microbiome is essentially the vast collection of all the microbes (or skin flora) which live on or within your skin. Did you know that we have millions of living microorganisms residing on our skin? This can include bacteria, fungi and arthropods.

According to Medline, many factors can affect the skin microbiome, including pH levels, gender, genotype, cosmetic use, temperature, and more.

Why Is the Skin Microbiome Important?

You may already know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body, so its well-being is pretty essential when it comes to health and disease. The skin microbiome plays a vital role in the human immune system and many immune functions.

Just like the microorganisms in our gut, "skin microorganisms have essential roles in the protection against invading pathogens, the education of our immune system and the breakdown of natural products," according to Nature Reviews Microbiology. "The skin is colonized by beneficial microorganisms and serves as a physical barrier to prevent the invasion of pathogens."

This means that the skin microbiome has a variety of functions when it comes to keeping our body healthy. The skin microbiome doesn't just defend against invading bacterial pathogens but also can help fight off infections, ease inflammation and protect us from outside harm.

How Your Skin Microbiome Becomes Compromised

You are probably already familiar with the idea that antibiotics, other medications and having a poor diet can damage the gut microbiome. Likewise, the skin microbiome is susceptible to damage in the same way. Research shows that "excess use of antimicrobial hand sanitizers and soaps contributes to skin dysbiosis and antibiotic resistance, thus stoking various skin conditions."

Imbalance in the skin microbiome (also known as skin dysbiosis) can lead to various skin and health conditions such as eczema, acne, allergies, contact dermatitis, rosacea, dandruff, and more.

The skin microbiome can be compromised in two ways -- 1) by what you put on your skin and 2) by what you put in your body. Here are some examples of ways that your skin microbiome may have become compromised:

  1. What you put on your skin: It has been said that our addiction to being "clean" may be what's damaging our skin microbiome. When we use stripping or harsh products on our skin, we remove all of the bacteria on our skin -- both good and bad.
  2. What you put in your body: Research shows that anything damaging to your gut microbiome can also be damaging to your skin microbiome. It's called the gut-skin axis and reminds us that it is important to evaluate your gut microbiome health if you struggle with your skin. 

Ways To Support Your Skin Microbiome

There are many different ways in which you can support your skin microbiome. Some of these include:

1. Eat healthily and stay hydrated

Eating a well-rounded diet is an easy way to support your skin microbiome. Foods that are rich in protein and good fats are a great place to start. Natural oils, good fatty acids, and a healthy diet can help promote healthy bacteria in the gut. It's also important to drink lots of water and to avoid processed foods when possible.

2. Avoid harsh products

While it is essential to practice good hygiene, it is also vital to ensure that you are not wiping out all of the good bacteria on your skin. Be careful of using products with harsh surfactants and chemicals that will strip your skin. To maintain a healthy skin barrier, you want to avoid harsh products that might wipe out the microbial diversity of your skin.

3. Exercise

According to board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, M.D., "when you exercise, you increase the blood flow to your skin, nourishing your skin with vital nutrients and oxygen." Make sure you work up a sweat a few times away to improve your overall skin health.

4. Try a topical probiotic

Topical probiotics, like Mother Dirt, are made with your microbiome in mind. Our products are made without harsh chemicals or surfactants and use powerful probiotic blends to restore and maintain your skin microbiome. Topical products targeted to treat specific skin issues and a healthy skin microbiome can strengthen the skin's surface and support a healthy microbiome.

Supporting Your Skin Microbiome with Mother Dirt's Active Probiotic System

If you are thinking of exploring topical skincare products as a way to support your skin microbiome, Mother Dirt's Active Probiotic System is a great option. Made with plant-based ingredients and a science-first approach, our face, body, and hair care products use the power of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to help maintain the health of your skin microbiome.

To help you get started, here is a roundup of the products included in our Active Probiotic System:

AO+ Restorative Mist

The patented ingredient in Mother Dirt's AO+ Restorative Mist, live ammonia-oxidizing Bacteria (also known as AOB), interacts with elements naturally found in your sweat to produce two powerful byproducts - Nitrite and Nitric Oxide - that are essential to a balanced skin microbiome. 

By restoring this essential component to your skin, the Mist helps protect and maintain healthy skin and improve skin clarity, tone, and smoothness.

The PeaceKeeper: Our Active Probiotics System Starter Kit

The PeaceKeeper features the foundations of our Active Probiotic System to repair the damage caused by traditional skincare and restore the skin microbiome for your most biologically balanced and radiant skin. 

This kit is an excellent option for all skin types (including dry, oil, normal, or combination skin) and includes our Cleanser, Serum and patented AO+ Restorative Mist. Together, these three products work to help restore and maintain your skin's natural ecosystem.

The Difference: Our Active Probiotics System Acne Treatment Kit

The Difference offers a new and revolutionary way of treating acne. It has been formulated to work together as an Active Probiotic System to restore the skin microbiome for improved clarity and smoother, healthier-looking skin.

This kit is ideal for acne-prone skin and uses powerful probiotics and FDA-approved salicylic acid to clarify clear and smooth problem skin. A complete skin care system that helps treat acne in three easy steps includes our Cleanser, Acne Lotion, and patented AO+ Restorative Mist.

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