What does "Biome-Friendly" actually mean?

Tina Adoniou

In short, Biome-Friendly means that it will keep your skin microbiome intact, and will not harm Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria, or drastically alter your skin microbiome.

Anything with a preservative will harm AOB, which is why Mother Dirt products are unpreserved. Most products contain preservatives to keep them shelf-stable for long periods of time. This is also why all Mother Dirt products have an expiration date.

We use AOB as our core measurement for testing Biome-Friendliness. AOB are one of the most sensitive microorganisms on our skin. Because of this, we believe that testing against AOB is a great measurement for the overall impact on the skin biome. If an ingredient or product is friendly to AOB, then it will also be friendly to the other delicate microorganisms of the biome as well.

All Biome-Friendly products come with a unique label, which verifies that it’s been tested, but also includes important information about the expiration date and the lot number for the product.

Visit biomefriendly.com to learn more.

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