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Our Research

Our Research

Tina Adoniou

Behind-the-scenes we're pioneering the microscopic world of the skin biome.

You'll see AOBiome mentioned throughout our site and our materials. They are our research partner and where Mother Dirt started. AOBiome is researching the skin microbiome and specifically the role of Ammonia-Oxidizing-Bacteria (AOB) within it. Historically, AOB would have naturally colonized our skin, but modern hygiene and chemistry have wiped them out, leaving our skin more easily susceptible to challenges. AOBiome is studying the possible therapeutic applications that reintroducing AOB on skin may have on skin health. You can find out more information about their work on their site:
Our approach also involves on understanding how ingredients and chemicals affect our skin microbiome. We are constantly screening ingredients and formulas as part of our development process, and hope to align with other companies on how we can include the skin microbiome as a key part of formulation and a criteria for skin health.