Merry Mist-mas Shipping: Everything You Need to Know

Merry Mist-mas Shipping: Everything You Need to Know

Tina Adoniou

What is Merry Mist-mas shipping?

Merry Mist-mas shipping gives you the ability to shop now and have your order ship on Tuesday, December 17 so it gets delivered to you closer to Christmas. This is a great option for those who are giving the AO+ Mist or a gift set that includes the AO+ Mist as a holiday gift. 

Why does the ship date for the AO+ Mist matter? 

The AO+ Mist requires refrigeration to maintain optimal freshness, and we know that the fridge may not be the best place for you to store and keep track of your holiday gifts. So we created this delayed shipping feature, so you can buy now, and we’ll ship it so you get it just in time for Christmas, worry-free.

Do I have to refrigerate the AO+ Mist if I get it a few days before giving it as a gift?

You don’t have to. Keeping the mist at room temperature for a few days will not affect the viability of the bacteria. However, you should advise the recipient that they should keep it in the fridge for optimal freshness until the expiration date marked on the bottle. If they keep it at room temperature, it will be good for 4 weeks. 

If I buy a kit or gift set containing the AO+ Mist do you split the shipment? What if I want some items to arrive sooner than that but I want my mist to arrive before Christmas?

If you choose “In Time For Holiday Delivery” at checkout, your entire order will ship on Tuesday, 12/17. 

If you require some things in your order to ship immediately but want your mist to arrive closer to Christmas, you need to complete a separate order for the items you want to ship sooner.

I live outside of the US, can I use Merry Mist-mas shipping?

This only available for continental US orders only.