How is the AO+ Mist any better than other non-living / freeze-dried / live probiotics?

Mother Dirt is the consumer products division of AOBiome, a health-sciences company studying the skin microbiome. The AOBiome team of scientists and researchers believe that there are real issues with many probiotic skincare products—whether living, freeze-dried, or non-living—and for a number of reasons, chief among these being quality control and assurance.

All AOBiome products are packaged and filled in U.S. facilities that meet or exceed the FDA’s proposed Cosmetic GMPs, and every facility that packages AOBiome products is registered with the FDA. Additionally, each batch of AOBiome product undergoes strict quality control testing before being released for sale.

To ensure that our probiotic, the AO+ Mist, arrives at full activity, we ship it in temperature-protective packaging, which varies as needed based on weather and time of year. The Mist also comes with clear labeling to refrigerate upon arrival (to extend the maximum efficacy to 6+ months). It is fine without refrigeration as long as it doesn't get exceptionally hot or freeze within 30 days after receipt.

That's all to say that we take great care with the production, packaging, and shipping of our Mist, and we don't know that other products that are not as carefully sourced and shipped can offer the same benefits.