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How do you ensure your products are phthalate/paraben/etc. free?

How do you ensure your products are phthalate/paraben/etc. free?

Tina Adoniou

As a science-based company, it’s important to us that the claims we make are based on concrete definitions and supported by evidence.

Words often seen on product labels are usually open to interpretation from one company or consumer to the next. As a result, one word can mean different things to different people, making it unhelpful as a measuring stick for the information you need.

With this in mind, we want to help our customers understand what it is we’re doing with full transparency and in terms that have clear definitions so that you get the information that matters to you most.

All of our products are clinically tested to be hypoallergenic, non-irritating, allergy tested, and reviewed by a dermatologist.

All of our ingredients are plant-based, meaning they are botanically-sourced; which is a fancy way of saying they’re derived from plants!

Both our ingredients and products are biome-friendly. We test all ingredients and final formulas to ensure that they are compatible with our AOB.

Impurity Testing

A lot can happen to a formula on its journey to your bathroom counter. Despite the careful steps taken by our suppliers and manufacturers, there’s always the potential for the presence of impurities in raw materials, cross-contamination, or formation of byproducts after formulation.

Because of that, we screen each ingredient thoroughly, from the manufacturing flowchart and origin of the material to the full chemical composition and final bottled formula. If that weren’t enough, we also conduct additional tests to ensure product safety and material purity. This testing is not required but is something we feel strongly is important to do to maintain the integrity of our formulas.

The chemicals we test for include:

  •      Heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic)
  •      1,4-dioxane
  •      Bisphenol A (BPA)
  •      Nitrosamines
  •      Phthalates
  •      Parabens
  •      Gluten 

Animal Testing

In addition to screening our raw materials thoroughly, we also request documentation from the manufacturers' of each of our raw materials that indicates no animal testing was conducted during any part of the development or manufacture of the material.