Does probiotic skincare work?

Ashley Troutman

By now, you’ve most likely heard about probiotic skincare. Probiotics are often used as an aid for digestion, however, using them in cleansers, mists and moisturizers is an emerging trend that has the ability to change the way you think about taking care of your skin. But many find themselves wondering, does probiotic skincare work? Let’s find out.

What is probiotic skincare?

Probiotic skincare is just that, skincare containing probiotics that our skin is after. 

Scientists have found a peacekeeper bacteria that our skin craves: Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB). This type of bacteria provides balance for our skin’s microbiome, which has been thrown out of whack by harsh soaps and cleansers, and less time spent outside (where AOB live). Probiotic skincare aims to put good bacteria back on your face. 

“To build back your skin’s natural defenses, you need to support the ‘good bugs.’ And for that, you should be using probiotics,” Business Insider reported.

A probiotic for skin is an important part of any skincare regimen; research has shown that while on the skin, AOB consumes your sweat as part of a process that keeps the skin’s ecosystem in check. It also balances your microbiome, the genetic material of all the microbes that live on and in the human body.

"On top of the skin's physical barrier is a layer of diverse microorganisms called the microbiome that helps keep the complexion clear and radiant," Dermatologist Rhonda Klein, M.D. told Shape. "These natural bacteria—over 10,000 different species—help promote healthy skin function. Skin-care products that contain these bacteria are thought to reset the microbiome that has been altered by our obsession with cleanliness."

Does probiotic skincare work?

Now you know a probiotic for skin exists, but do you know if probiotic skincare works? Here at Mother Dirt, we can tell you that it does. After performing in-depth tests here at Mother Dirt, we found that those using our products often see results in about 4 weeks, including a 35 percent improvement in skin clarity, a 25 percent improvement in the look and feel of dry and uneven skin, a 22 percent improvement in the appearance of oily skin, and a restoration of balance to problem, dry, oily, or sensitive skin. 

Experts agree that probiotic skincare works and provides glowing, healthy skin. "In my opinion, this is one of the most promising aspects of probiotic therapy — to support our skin’s natural defense mechanisms to stave off imbalance that can create problematic skin issues in the future,” NYC-based Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe said.

Convinced? Even if you aren’t, why not try it for yourself? Mother Dirt has a complete skincare kit that includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and AO+ Restorative Mist. Click here to order your own and try the skincare that’s got everyone talking (and glowing).

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