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Do you use chemicals in your products?

Do you use chemicals in your products?

Tina Adoniou

We get this question a lot, and we’re thrilled to! It’s great to see consumers taking an active role in the products they use. We’ll start by clarifying this question: Everything is a “chemical” including water. So the fear with “chemicals” is typically around the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. It is an important value of ours that we make products that don't pose harm to people or the environment. (Read our blog on our partnership with Campaign for Safe Cosmetics as well as the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council.)

All of our ingredients are plant-derived, and any chemistry performed on them is green chemistry. We have taken special care throughout our entire supply chain to source raw materials that are sustainable and ethically produced. We have also performed impurity and safety tests to ensure, to the best degree we can, that our products safe and mild.

None of these tests are required by regulatory bodies, but as mentioned above, this is an important value to us—it is important we go above and beyond.