Can these bacteria cause harm if ingested?

Tina Adoniou

No. These bacteria don't have the ability to contribute to colds or infections of any kind. They are non-pathogenic and various sequencings of our strain as well as many others confirm that they genetically do not contain the ability to take on pathogenic characteristics.

Here is a simple overview as to the basic characteristics of the bacteria that make them incapable of causing harm:

  1. The bacteria only consume ammonia as their food. This is an important attribute because pathogenic bacteria typically consume things containing carbon.
  2. The bacteria cannot survive in your digestive tract or blood. Their food source is not there (they feed on ammonia from your sweat), and the pH is way too acidic in the gut for them to survive. They would almost surely die upon contact.
  3. The bacteria take 10-12 hours to double, which is a very long time (pathogenic bacteria typically take 20 minutes to double). This means that it would take a really long time for an "infection" to happen, and for there to be an "infection" they would need a lot of food (a lot of sweat). The amount of sweat you would need to produce in order to create an infection is something our bodies are not physically capable of.
  4. Lastly, you can kill the bacteria simply with soap. Which makes it a really easy thing to get rid of. Harmful bacteria take a whole lot more effort to get rid of.
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