Am I Washing My Face Too Much?

Ashley Troutman

How often do you wash your face? Whatever the answer is, chances are that you’re lathering those cheeks up too often. Experts once believed that skin cells were the first line of defense when protecting one’s face, however, they later found that it’s actually the skin’s microbiome. This research led to a breakthrough: bacteria found in dirt has the power to improve your complexion.

“Statistics relating to skin health (and health in general) present compelling evidence that our skin is less healthy than it was a generation ago. 80 million Americans suffer from acne, and 1 in 6 children have eczema. Over 50% of adults claim to have sensitive skin, and it’s the fastest-growing category in skincare,” said Mother Dirt founder Jasmina Aganovic. “We’re cleaner than ever and have more products than ever, yet we also have more skin issues than ever. What were we missing that made our body react so poorly? The answer lies in your skin biome.”

It may be hard to wrap your brain around the concept that washing your face less could make it more clean, but stay with me.

Protecting your microbiome 

When thinking about skincare and what products to use, think about protecting your microbiome, which means recognizing that there is good bacteria your face longs for, and you shouldn’t wash it away. Scientists have found that bacteria called Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) is actually great for your skin and improves your skin’s appearance by restoring balance to your microbiome. 

Despite those findings, AOB is less prominent than ever before. With less time spent outdoors--where AOB live as they’re found in rich soil-- and harsh surfactants in many personal care products and non-environmentally friendly natural soaps, whatever AOB is left on our faces is typically washed away.

In just 4 short weeks, AOB has the power to improve skin clarity, increase skin smoothness, polish the look and feel of dry and uneven skin, and refine the appearance of oily skin. This helpful bacteria will restore balance to almost any skin type. Need to know more? Read on to find out how to accomplish getting AOB back on your skin, how often you should wash your face, and which high quality natural soap you should be using.

How often should I wash my face?

Now that you know about your microbiome and good bacteria, you should already be thinking about your skin care regimen differently. Do you wash your face in the morning and at night? Maybe even a third time if you hit the gym? Do you use environmentally friendly natural soap for women? If you’re still dealing with the same old skin issues, it’s time to take a new approach. 

When using traditional soap, it is recommended to wash your face once a day in order to prevent disrupting your microbiome. However, if you're using a biome-friendly cleanser, like Mother Dirt's Probiotic Foaming Cleanser, you can wash as often as you like -- this type of environmentally friendly natural soap works with your skin, not against it. 

“Many people who have sensitive skin may simply be overwashing,” according to the New York Times. 

If you’re ready to restore the balance to your skin, try Mother Dirt’s cleanser and moisturizing serum along with the AO+ Restorative Mist. The cleanser won’t wash away any of the good bacteria your skin needs and the AO+ Restorative Mist contains AOB--a few sprays per day will have you on the road to an improved complexion in a few short weeks.

Get your microbiome back on track and order your AO+ Restorative Mist today.
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