The Secret to Holistic Health:
3 Free Hidden Gems to Keep You Strong in 2021

Tina Adoniou

It’s that time again, when we make resolutions to go to the gym, eat healthier, and finally come up with a savings plan we can stick to. But this year is different, don’t you agree? 

We believe that the best New Year’s resolution we can make is to keep the peace from the inside out. That’s why we’re challenging you to make 2021 the year for total wellness. Instead of New Year, New You -- let’s strive for New Year, Best You in 2021.

It’s time to take control and tackle the new year head-on with a holistic approach to our bodies, minds, and especially microbiomes, because a healthy complexion lets our best self shine. So what do you say, are you in? 

Here are 3 of our favorite (free!) resources to get you started. 

Strong body: Toning with Tara

2020 brought out the best in a lot of people (bless them for keeping the rest of us going) and Tara is one of them. This wonder woman is a personal trainer AND a mom to twins. Once lockdown hit and her gym closed, she, like so many others, went live on Zoom from her living room with her workouts. The difference? Every live workout she does is FREE! She’s super fun, accessible for all levels (don’t think that won’t make you work your butt off), and will truly make your day. Check out her website and sign up to get the links to your daily Monday - Friday workouts sent directly to your inbox.

Strong mind: Rolf Gates

Rolf Gates has been a leader in the yoga and meditation community for over 2 decades now and is known for his calming energy and thoughtful perspective. The hidden gem here is that Rolf leads meditations on Facebook Live around 12pm ET a few times a week. Trust us when we say it’s the medicine your mind needs right now. Follow his page for live updates and join in on a guided meditation that will make you feel like your best self again. 

Strong microbiome: The Mother Dirt blog

It should come as no surprise that our very own blog is our favorite free skin microbiome resource! There’s a lot that influences your microbiome that you can learn about and put into practice- such as how having a dog can supercharge your microbiome and how where you live can affect your skin. Check out our library of content and discover simple tweaks you can make that will not only enhance your natural glow, but strengthen your biome and keep your skin healthy.

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