The Power of Connecting with Your Inner Child and Nature

Ashley Troutman

Our favorite episode of Walk with Walsh is finally here! We may be biased, but we love this one because it features Mother Dirt Founding President Jasmina Aganovic. During this episode, Jasmina and Jennifer Walsh walk together to discuss how Mother Dirt got started and the importance of connecting with nature and your inner child.  

We partnered with Walk with Walsh, a motivational video series that takes place at the rural wellness community, Serenbe, to help bring you more ideas on how to enhance your life by spending more time outdoors. Keep reading to learn the benefits of connecting with nature the child within.

Mother Dirt

Mother Dirt was founded in 2015 by MIT scientists, out of demand from a clinical trial done on the effects of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) on the skin, where the results were very beneficial. Jasmina was one of those scientists. As a chemical and biological engineer, she originally didn’t have plans to go into beauty, however, an internship where she was asked to look at research for a beauty brand changed her mind. She learned that she was passionate about the industry and believed she could add value with her experience and expertise; and she did just that with Mother Dirt. 

In this episode of Walk with Walsh, Jasmina talks about the creation of Mother Dirt and building the brand around science and human values.

Check out Jasmina’s walk below:

Why it’s important to connect with nature and your inner child

As Jasmina says in this episode, Mother Dirt is built on several pillars, including science, but it’s also built on human values.

“We knew it was going to be, not easy, but when we went out to build the brand, it was built on a few core tenants, one of which was scientific. Science is at the backbone of who we are and what we do -- part of that is integrity and the other part is, because we know we’re doing something so new and different, we think we need to be really good stewards for the industry and this emerging category,” Jasmina explained. “And the other part of it was remarkably simple: we wanted to build this brand around human values.”

Those human values include connecting with nature and reconnecting with the child within that just wants to go outside and get dirty! We may not have realized it as kids, but the time we spent playing outdoors and caution we threw to the wind when it came to dirt did more for us than just good times and fun memories. 

“That time when we were little and we would want to go outside and play, and we didn’t care about getting dirty -- you don’t think about that and there’s so little of that now, but whenever you bring that up, people have a very emotional response to it. All of these things now have more scientific support around why they’re important but we want to lead with those values and messages because we’re all human beings, at the end of the day, and we can connect around these shared values,” Jasmina said during her walk.

Developing the ability to set boundaries, feeling self-compassion, enjoying life more, and gaining self-confidence are all ways that you can benefit from connecting with your inner child. And spending more time in nature has an endless list of benefits as well, including lowering your blood pressure and stress levels, boosting energy levels, enhancing creativity, and more. The remedy to so many things that ail us is so easily accessible! 

About Walk with Walsh and Serenbe

The Walk with Walsh series is hosted by Jennifer Walsh, who believes that we should be spending more time outdoors in order to connect with nature and live a healthier life. Mother Dirt shares that belief, which is why we sponsored several of these walks. During each video, Walsh walks and talks with various thought leaders, including Mother Dirt Founding President Jasmina Aganovic, who run different businesses but are aligned with the same message: more outdoor time is key to unlocking a happier life. 

The walks take place at Serenbe, a rural wellness community in Georgia. The serene community is the perfect backdrop for these walks; the scenery alone is enough to inspire anyone watching to get outside.

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