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Linda Spolidoro

Body oils are a time tested way to keep your skin healthy, vibrant, and, as your bodies first defense against environmental toxins, prepared. If you use a body oil, you already know that there is something luxurious and indulgent about them. They may take a little more care when applying, but if you prefer the benefits of an oil vs. a cream/lotion, you really should look for something that is natural, healthy, and beneficial for your skin and your body.

Why Look For Natural or Healthy Body Oils?

Because body oils are absorbed directly into the top layers of the epidermis (your skin), an environmentally friendly body oil like Mother Dirt’s Biome-Friendly Body Oil allows for the powerful absorption capabilities of an oil without the fear of toxins being introduced into your body. Creating a body oil that is safe for your skin. Many body oils on the market today contain the same harsh chemicals and possible irritants that are found in many lotions, creams, and cosmetics, and those same ingredients can irritate your skin and deplete it’s naturally occurring ‘good’ bacteria. A quick look at the back label will help you to avoid harmful ingredients

All Body Oils Are Not Equal

When looking for a body oil, it is a good idea to look for something that has been dermatologist reviewed, clinically tested, and because your skin will change over time, a body oil that is good for all ages and skin types. Other things to look for are body oils that are vegetable derived, unpreserved, and have no added heavy fragrances (keep in mind that some oils will have a natural fragrance to them). You want to avoid harsh chemicals, allergens, and/or irritants, oils that are non-toxic and are produced in a way that will not harm the natural balance of your skin’s microflora, or biome. Look for body oils that are biome-friendly, which means they are formulated in a way that honors your bodies natural ecosystem.

What Does Biome-Friendly Really Mean?

In the simplest of terms, a biome-friendly body oil describes a product that won’t interfere with the naturally occurring (and beneficial) biological home that keeps your skin in balance. Harsh chemicals and preservatives, even well intentioned preservatives, can decimate the naturally occurring bacteria that keep your skin (and body) functioning properly. The over correction of common skin issues (dryness, irritation, etc…) with aggressively engineered lotions, potions, and creams can mask, and even exacerbate these conditions when what is really needed is the natural restoration of balance. Mother Dirt have been at the forefront, bringing to light the benefits and necessity of ‘good’ bacteria’ for some time and have done a great job in meeting this standard.

Healthy Skin is Happy Skin

Your skins’ health is paramount in determining how the world sees you. A vibrant, healthy complexion may be as simple as looking for a body oil that is natural in more than name only.

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