How Technology Can Reconnect You With Nature

Ashley Troutman

While our main goal is to help you improve your skin, we’re overachievers and have other goals in mind, too! We partnered with Walk with Walsh, a motivational video series that takes place at a rural wellness community in Georgia, so we can offer ideas on how to enhance your life by reconnecting with nature. Because if you’re like us, you think things are better when you’re outdoors, taking advantage of nature.

Tender Greens

Meet Erik Oberholtzer, co-founder of Tender Greens. Tender Greens is a chef-led kitchen that serves seasonal and responsibly-sourced food. With 30 locations in California, Massachusetts and New York, each restaurant is run by its own executive chef. Erik said he started Tender Greens with a “mission to democratize good food.”

Erik’s goal is to provide people with a simple way to understand why good food is important. He says a lot of it is non-verbal and something learned from the experience of eating. When people taste his food, which has come directly from a farm, they immediately notice a difference and want to continue experiencing and embracing it.  

Check out Erik’s walk below:

If you’re pressed for time, skip to 12:25 to hear Erik talk about how hydroponics leverages technology to grow food in an environment that would otherwise not be able to do so, resulting in keeping city dwellers, consumers and kids, into the magic of being connected to your food.

Staying Connected to Nature in the Modern World

Both Tender Greens and Mother Dirt want to see you spending more time outdoors, utilizing everything that nature offers us, including food. 

Eating at Tender Greens means you’re consuming a meal made with ingredients sourced directly from a farm and never include any preservatives, which typically leads to more flavor and better nutrients. And while technology can be responsible for our separation from nature, it’s also helping us to actually reconnect with it, through things like hydroponics, or climate-controlled agriculture. 

Erik talks about how launching Tender Greens in NYC after having huge success in California with strong relationships with farms, he discovered the ability to still keep the food source local even in the big city, through Farm Shelf hydroponic farm on 19th and Broadway in the heart of Manhattan.

And this is where we really feel a strong parallel with Mother Dirt. Our company is founded on the belief that our skin suffers from the effects of the modern world erasing our connection with nature, to the point where it’s removed essential bacteria from our microbiome. We use technology in the form of cultivating AOB and the AO+ Mist as our way of reconnecting with that essential element from the natural world.

Mother Dirt, Tender Greens and Walk with Walsh: Shared Values

Mother Dirt, Tender Greens and Walk with Walsh all strive to help people stay connected to nature. No matter if you’re caring for your inner health through eating farm fresh food from Tender Greens, or outer health through biome-friendly personal care products like Mother Dirt, keeping things as close to how nature intended is a recipe for balance, vibrancy, and vitality.

About Walk with Walsh and Serenbe

Walk with Walsh is hosted by Jennifer Walsh, who believes that we should be spending more time outdoors in order to connect with nature and live a healthier life. Mother Dirt shares that belief, which is why we sponsored a series of these walks. During each video, Walsh walks and talks with various thought leaders, including Mother Dirt Co-founder Jasmina Aganovic, who run different businesses but are aligned with the same message: more time in nature is key to unlocking a healthier life. 

The walks take place at Serenbe, a rural wellness community in Georgia. The serene community is the perfect backdrop for these walks; the scenery alone is enough to inspire anyone watching to get outside. 


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