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The Ultimate Summer Skincare Guide

Jenna Jolls

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The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and summer is in full swing. So what does that mean for your skincare routine? Here's the ultimate summer skincare guide; we're sharing our top 10 summer skincare tips to keep your skin happy (and healthy) all season long.

1. Opt For Lightweight Skincare Products

"In the summer, I generally remind patients that, just like their wardrobe, their skin-care routine may need to be a little more lightweight," says Omer Ibrahim, a board-certified dermatologist. With increased heat and humidity, it's best to swap heavier creams and lotions for a lightweight moisturizer, like our Postbiotic Serum, that will nourish and soothe dry skin without feeling greasy or heavy.

Switching to non-comedogenic skincare products during summertime is particularly important for acne-prone and oily skin types. Otherwise, your usual products can clog your pores during the summer months and cause more breakouts.

2. Take Cool Showers

Aside from cooling you down, swapping your searing hot shower for a colder one has many benefits. Coldwater affects the skin in many positive ways, such as regulating oil levels, depuffing the face, reducing the appearance of pores, and acne prevention. "A cool shower after excess sweating helps to keep skin clear, decreasing acne breakouts," says Dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick.

3. Use a Gentle Cleanser

We wash our faces more often in the summer due to increased sweating, oiliness, and chlorine exposure. According to Dermatologist Tiffany Libby, M.D., gentle cleansers help minimize stripping natural oils from the skin so your skin can stay healthy and glowing without feeling dry or cracked.

We recommend our Foaming Cleanser. It is formulated with prebiotic inulin (from chicory root) and rose water. It removes impurities and maintains an optimal pH level without stripping your skin of its essential balance.

4. Protect Your Scalp

Sometimes we forget we have skin everywhere. Nourish your scalp post-sun with our Hydrating Hair Wash. It contains squalane, a skin-friendly emollient derived from renewable sugar cane that helps soothe dry, itchy skin and maintain a healthy scalp microbiome.

5. Don't Forget SPF

When spending more time outdoors in the summer, SPF is essential. But the ingredients in your sunscreen aren't always friendly to the AOB in our AO+ Restorative Mist -- but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use both.

We recommend spraying your Mist after applying your sunscreen in the morning, then giving your skin another spray at night. This will provide the Mist with plenty of time to work overnight to strengthen your microbiome, so you can help protect your skin even more.

Wear sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF 30 to protect your skin from UV rays and prevent sun damage. Remember, besides summer skin care, you also want to wear sun-protective clothing like sunglasses, hats, and long-sleeves.

6. Always Wash Your Face & Body

Summer means more sweating, so you should never skip washing your face and body. Dermatologist Dr. Purvisha Patel explains that sweat and humidity produce warm, moist environments where the microbes that live on your skin become overgrown, which can cause more yeast and infections to occur. This can lead to a buildup of dirt, debris, and oil on your skin, so it's essential to cleanse thoroughly.

We recommend using our dermatologically tested Body Wash, which cleanses dirt and oil from skin without damaging the skin barrier.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

As temperatures rise, it's essential to hydrate your skin from the inside out with proper water consumption. According to Mayo Clinic, "if the outermost layer of the epidermis doesn't contain enough water, the skin will lose elasticity and feel rough." Drinking plenty of water and using a fast-absorbing moisturizer will help ensure that skin stays supple and glowing all summer long. 

8. Cool Off With A Mist

One of our favorite summer skincare hacks is stashing a face mist in the cooler for a mid-day refresh when camping, while on a hike, at the beach, or any of your summer adventures. In addition to cooling you down, Mother Dirt's patented AO+ Restorative Mist instantly refreshes, smooths, and hydrates skin.

9. Switch to a Natural Deodorant

It's no secret that traditional antiperspirants contain aluminum, which stops your body from being able to rid itself of impurities and cool itself off. Try switching to a natural, aluminum-free deodorant for an effective odor control option that won't disrupt your body's natural sweating process. Our natural deodorant contains natural starches to absorb sweat and moisture while regulating odor-causing bacteria and helping preserve a healthy microbiome.

10. Moisturize Your Skin After Sun-Exposure

If you spend the day in the sun, moisturizing is a must. "It's important to replenish lost moisture after sun exposure," says Manhattan-based dermatologist Dr. Michele Green

Our Moisturizing Body Oil contains nourishing ingredients like squalane, almond oil, and apricot kernel oil to replenish dry skin. Plus, it improves skin hydration by 33% in one hour!

Wrapping It Up

With the changes in heat and humidity during the summer, you'll probably notice differences in your skin as well. By following these summer skincare tips, you can maintain healthy, radiant skin from the pool to the park and everywhere in between.

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