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Plantspiration: 6 Unique Plant Blogs To Get Your Green Thumb Going Plantspiration: 6 Unique Plant Blogs To Get Your Green Thumb Going

Plantspiration: 6 Unique Plant Blogs To Get Your Green Thumb Going

It's pretty obvious that we have a thing for dirt, and for good reason. Not only is our beloved AOB found in rich soil; dirt is pretty magical. It's able to make the entire lifecycle take place. It produces the most beautiful stunning things on earth, serves as home to many living things, and then takes care of decay and does it all over again. And house plants, even the smallest ones, help purify the air we breathe, and their presence even boosts our mood, and promotes well being and productivity!

Every year when spring rolls around, it reminds us how much of a difference greenery makes in our lives. City living and/or living in a climate where you experience harsh winters can make having a green thumb difficult, so here are a few of the best blogs to inspire you, and show you how to create your own lush oasis, whether you live in a snow ladened concrete jungle or not.

  1. The holy grail of envy-inducing plant blogs, The Plant Huntercurates instructional lists and photographs of indoor greens. Urban apartment dwellers make up their main target, so all the plants featured on this page are cheap and require very little maintenance. They also have a stellar Instagram. Love what you see? If you're in NYC make sure to visit their store, The Sill, or you can order online and have plants shipped to you. 
  2. Terrariums look intricate but are wildly easy to craft, making them one of the best “gateway” setups for a beginner. Blog posts on DIY terrariums abound: check out The Fern and Mosseryand West Elmto start. If you are short on time, consider a peat moss terrarium, which requires only bi-weekly or monthly attention.
  3. Plants aren’t there to just sit and look pretty—they have real, practical functions, like cleaning the contaminated airwe breath. Greatisthas a comprehensive list of efficient air-cleansing plants ideal for indoor living.
  4. Don’t limit yourself to flowers. You can grow your own spices and veggies inside the kitchen or in a small home garden and save money. For edible plant ideas, check out Nature Hacksand One Green Planet. Hmm...maybe having all these fresh herbs around will get you on a healthy-eating, home-cooking kick. Double inspiration!
  5. You may prefer gadgets to greenery, or you’re not the nurturing type. Well, we still won’t give up on you. Did you know having plants around enhances your productivity? As does Click & Grow, a startup company that offers self-caring, self-watering, vitamin-packed desk plants, i.e. all of the benefits and none of the work.
  6. When you visit the house tour on Homestead Brooklynyou may think you're actually looking at a spread from the Anthropologie home section or even a movie set. But this is real - it's someone's home, and it's simply amazing. Talk about an urban oasis. Be sure to stay tuned into her Instagramfor a continuous feed of plantspiration. 


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