How to Gain Back 50% of Your Energy by Connecting with Nature

Ashley Troutman

Branching out in our mission to help you improve your life, we have partnered with Walk with Walsh, a motivational video series that takes place at a rural wellness community in Georgia, in order to motivate you to get outdoors. When you spend more time in nature, there is less unwanted noise to filter out, and more of your energy can be spent doing the things you love -- leading to a happier, healthier life. Let’s dive right into the next walk.

Meet Kari Pei from Interface

Today, we’re sharing a walk with you that features Interface’s Vice President of Product Design Kari Pei. You will be amazed at how innovative and thoughtful the work behind Interface is!

Interface is a global commercial flooring company that aims to help customers create spaces that positively affect those who use them, and our planet. Their mission is to invite other companies to join them as they commit to operating in a way that is “restorative to the planet and creates a climate fit for life.” But that doesn't even skim the surface of how they approach what they do. 

Kari understands the power of being outdoors and aims to create designs that reflect nature and promote well being. 

“Well what I do should be reflective of nature, I believe, because what I do is create products that go in interiors, and so if we don’t take nature into account when we’re sitting in a space, then we are denying ourselves what things help us be well in a space,” Kari said during her walk.

She went on to say that she designs spaces that aim to connect people to nature, and make them more healthy, focused, and productive. She looks to lessen anxiety and make people feel more calm through her work.

She even goes on to talk about epigentic programming which describes how our brain is programmed to respond to our presence in space, in an environment, and how our environments influence us as far back as in the womb! 

Check out Kari's walk below: 

The secret to reclaiming your energy

According to Kari, when we’re in man-made environments about 50% of our energy is spent with our brain trying to block out unnecessary noise. Whether it’s background sounds in an office, the noise of construction, a cell phone ringing or any other audio that isn’t helping us accomplish a task, we lose a tremendous amount of energy trying to block it out. Getting outdoors and spending time in nature is a way to escape the noise, silence your mind, and sharpen your focus. 

Many studies support this theory; one in particular looked at a group of students that were given a test and then split into two groups. The first group took a walk around an arboretum, and the other down a city street. When the students returned, those who walked through the trees scored 20% higher on their second test than their first. The ones who had walked through the city did not consistently improve. 

Most people would say that they feel a positive difference after spending time outdoors. Would you? 

Take a moment right here, right now to be still and close your eyes and take in all the sounds surrounding you. You might be surprised at just how much you hear and how clear your mind will get!

Mother Dirt, Interface and Walk with Walsh: Shared Values

Mother Dirt, Interface, and Walk with Walsh all believe that spending more time outdoors is crucial to living a happy, healthy life. With a focus on bringing nature’s inspiration indoors, Interface wants to give you the best of both worlds. The same can be said for Mother Dirt. We strive to bring your outer health back to its natural, healthy state, before harsh chemicals and more time indoors interfered. 

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