How Spending More Time In Nature Can Improve Your Life

Ashley Troutman

Reconnecting with nature is something we believe in so strongly here at Mother Dirt, that it’s one of our core values. Of course, we’re focusing on your skin and remedying the impact less time in nature has had, however, we don’t want to stop there. We know you’re passionate about optimizing your quality of life in many different areas, and if you’re anything like us, things always seem better when you get outdoors.  We partnered with Walks with Walsh, a motivational video series that takes place at the rural wellness community, Serenbe, to help bring you more ideas on how to flourish in your life by reconnecting with nature.


The first walk we want to share with you was done with Terry Lin, a co-founder of outdoor furniture company Outer, and Jennifer Walsh, host of Walks with Walsh. Outer produces durable, sustainable outdoor furniture and encourages people to spend more time outside, just like we do! Terry developed skills as lead furniture designer at Pottery Barn along with several other positions that shaped who he was before he started Outer.

“Our mission is to get people outside,” Terry said during his walk. Enter outdoor furniture. Terry said every component of Outer’s furniture is custom made, and he wants it to be as comfortable as your mattress, as durable as outdoor camping equipment and as stylish as your indoor furniture, all while being completely sustainable.

Check out Terry's walk below: 

Why it’s important to get outdoors

Both Outer and Mother Dirt agree that it’s important to spend more time in nature if you’d like to improve your life. Terry founded Outer in order to “make it easier for people to get outside.” The benefits of being outdoors are endless, including better sleep, less stress and a stronger immune system. 

“Sunlight works as a natural disinfectant. Forget the wipes or gel and just get outside. The great sensations you get when you are taking a walk on the beach with the surf kissing your feet is not just because you are in a beautiful setting,” Terry told me. “Walking barefoot on the earth - (dirt, sand, grass) reduces inflammation, decreases anxiety and calms you, strengthens your immune system and helps you to sleep (among other things).”

Terry went on to say that indoor air pollution is an issue that many are unaware of. While a well-sealed home may seem like a positive thing, it may also mean an “excessive build-up of pollutants - everything from carbon dioxide or formaldehyde to the more common items in the household that contribute to a polluted home - hairsprays,  deodorants, household cleaners and even air fresheners. Indoor air pollution is often times worse than outdoor air pollution.” So what Terry’s saying about how the harsh chemicals in the products we use at home have disrupted our home microbiome, is very much in line with what we say about how the harsh chemicals in our personal care products have disrupted our skin microbiome. 

Needless to say, we share the same belief  that connecting with the earth and soil is the catalyst to obtaining many benefits, including healthier skin. Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB), which is found in dirt, is a bacteria that metabolizes ammonia and allows it to benefit our bodies. When humans were spending more time outside, this type of peacekeeper bacteria was found on our skin naturally. However, with the limitations on outdoor time and modern hygiene practices, we have washed it all away. Spending more time outside will help us regain AOB, the active ingredient in our hero product, AO+ Restorative Mist, to help balance our microbiome. 

If we removed AOB from any ecosystem in nature it would fall apart and wouldn’t thrive again until the AOB was restored. The same is true for our skin

Mother Dirt, Outer and Walks with Walsh: Shared Values

An EPA study reported that the average American spends 93% of their life indoors, Terry said. Did you think the percentage would be that high? Mother Dirt, Outer and Walks with Walsh are all working toward having  that number decrease. While each of us may offer a slightly different means of transportation, the end goal is the same and the road to get there is through more time in nature. The benefits are endless and can affect several different parts of your life. Whether it’s for your skin, your business, or any other part of your life, getting outside more often seems like a no brainer after watching Terry Walk with Walsh. 

About Walks with Walsh and Serenbe

Walks with Walsh are hosted by Jennifer Walsh, who believes that we should be spending more time outdoors in order to connect with nature and live a healthier life. Mother Dirt shares that belief, which is why we sponsored a series of these walks. During each video, Walsh walks and talks with various thought leaders, including Mother Dirt Co-founder Jasmina Aganovic, who run different businesses but are aligned with the same message: less time indoors is key to unlocking a healthier life. 

The walks take place at Serenbe, a rural wellness community in Georgia. This serene community is the perfect backdrop for these walks; the scenery alone is enough to inspire anyone watching to get outside. 

We want to hear from you! What did you think of Terry’s walk? Have you purchased sustainable, outdoor furniture? What activities help you spend more time outside? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to share your thoughts!

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