How Being Outdoors Can Spark Connections and Transform Lifestyles

Ashley Troutman

We know you strive to experience the best quality of life as possible, and think you see that quality peak when you’re outdoors. Continuing our partnership with Walk with Walsh, a motivational video series that takes place at the rural wellness community, Serenbe, we’re passing on a new video along with ways to enhance your life by reconnecting with nature.


Mary Alice Stephenson founded Glam4Good to help women and girls experiencing a period of hardship. Beginning her career in fashion, Mary Alice worked as a fashion director for several top magazines, including Marie Claire. She then used her industry knowledge and connections to start Glam4Good.  

Glam4Good initially launched as a grassroots movement in 2012, after Hurricane Sandy. Mary Alice wanted to use her “passion for purpose” and worked to rally people together to provide hurricane victims with personal hygiene items to help get their lives back on track. The organization now reaches many other females, including those who are in homeless shelters, just returning from war, dealing with substance abuse, and more. 

“Glam4Good goes into the trenches with women, girls and their families -- we have six impact pillars, so whether we are going into a natural disaster zone or a homeless shelter, we bring in new clothing, personal care essentials, and personal care services like eye exams, eye glasses, skincare, all to people in need that are going through tough, tough times,” Mary Alice said on her walk. 

To date, Glam4Good has helped over 30,000 women and their families. 

Mary Alice decided to participate in Walk with Walsh because she believes that spending more time outdoors allows you to detox from daily life stressors and really connect to yourself, nature and others. Being in nature taught Mary Alice that “looking up” is critical and allowed her to make the connections necessary to create Glam4Good.

“With connection comes support,” she explained.

Check out Mary Alice’s walk below:

Outdoor connections

As Mary Alice says in her Walk with Walsh, connection is key to a healthier and more prosperous life, and being in nature is the catalyst. When you’re outdoors, taking time to look up from your smartphone, or whatever is distracting you, has the power to enhance your lifestyle in more ways than one. More time spent outside, can lead to healthier skin, less stress and fatigue, lower blood pressure, and a boosted immune system, just to name a few. 

Mother Dirt and Walk with Walsh agree with Mary Alice’s theory. While each organization is different, we all share the same end goal: to get people outside more, resulting in a new and improved lifestyle. 

About Walks with Walsh and Serenbe

Walk with Walsh is hosted by Jennifer Walsh, who believes that we should be spending more time outdoors in order to connect with nature and live a healthier life. Mother Dirt shares that belief, which is why we sponsored a series of walks. During each video, Walsh walks and talks with various thought leaders, including Mother Dirt Co-founder Jasmina Aganovic, who run different businesses but are aligned with the same message: less time indoors is key to unlocking a healthier life. 

The walks take place at Serenbe, a rural wellness community in Georgia. The serene community is the perfect backdrop for these walks -- the scenery alone is enough to inspire anyone watching to get outdoors and connect with nature.

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