How a Comedian Uses Nature to Relieve Stress and Activate Creativity

Ashley Troutman

During this episode of Walk with Walsh, Host Jennifer Walsh talks to Stand Up Comedian and Host Pete Dominick. With his quirky wit and eye-opening thoughts, Pete brings a unique and fun flavor to the show.

We partnered with Walk with Walsh, a motivational video series that takes place at a rural wellness community, to help bring you more ideas on how to enhance your life by spending more time outdoors. We hope you enjoy the series!

Activating Creativity

Pete lived in New York City for many years, where he said he lost his connection to nature. While it was never fully gone, the missing connection negatively affected Pete. He says nature, and Serenbe specifically, brings memories, ideas, and peace. 

“It’s inevitable that, if you’re in nature, it activates your creativity,” Pete said.

Part of the beauty of nature is that there are no screens or other distractions to overwhelm us or stress us out. In fact, many stressors from daily life can be blurred out by nature. Not only does it help spark imaginativeness, but it also helps combat anxiety and depression.

“Being without distraction from screens in nature always creates a lot of ideas for me but it also, more than it helps me be creative, it helps me deal with stress and anxiety and even a little bit of depression,” Pete explained.

He went on to say, “It’s so hard to deal with life in general and it feels like sometimes everything is just so overwhelming and burdensome for anyone, and anyone who says that’s not true, I’d like to see your internet history!”

Pete explains that it’s okay to say you’re feeling stressed or depressed, and many people often keep those feelings to themselves. If he starts to feel any kind of anxiety, Pete says he goes straight to the woods. Even if he feels okay, he still believes a trip to nature is key.

“Being in a place like this calms me, no matter what, even if things are going perfectly fine, it just calms me,” he said.

Pete suggests finding any piece of nature, anywhere, and feeling it with all your senses. Activating your senses by smelling the air, feeling the trails under your feet, holding a leaf in your hand, all of those things allow you to connect with nature and begin to benefit from it. 

“Do everything that you can to appreciate the natural world around you, and when things are becoming too much and overwhelming, think about running outside and think about that for your kids as well,” Pete said. 

Check out Pete's walk below:

The Walk with Walsh series is hosted by Jennifer Walsh, who believes that we should be spending more time outdoors in order to connect with nature and live a healthier life. Mother Dirt shares that belief, which is why we sponsored several of these walks. During each video, Walsh walks and talks with various thought leaders, including Mother Dirt Founding President Jasmina Aganovic, who run different businesses but are aligned with the same message: more outdoor time is key to unlocking a happier life. 

The walks take place at Serenbe, a rural wellness community in Georgia. The serene community is the perfect backdrop for these walks; the scenery alone is enough to inspire anyone watching to get outside. 

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