Does Probiotic Deodorant Really Work?

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The popularity of natural products has seen a significant rise in recent times as an increasing number of people have begun associating beauty with health and hygiene. If you’re one among them who are paying closer attention to the potential health risks posed by certain ingredients, one thing that may concern you is whether it’s safe to expose your skin to deodorants.

Deodorants have been an integral part of our self-care routine. It is used to keep you fresh and prevent the bad odor of your body. But amidst the fascinating fragrance, is it contributing to long-term health concerns? Are the various chemicals and fragrances hurting your skin in the name of staying fresh?

It's hard to make a healthy choice, especially with so many available options. Many are shifting their preferences, prioritizing a natural product and a natural deodorant for their everyday hygiene.

According to the FDA, four main categories of traditional deodorant can lead to skin issues like allergies and irritation. These are:

  • Aluminum
  • Preservatives
  • Fragrances
  • Dyes

These ingredients can further result in skin issues like:

  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Scaling and flaking of the skin
  • Itchy, red patches in your armpits
  • Underarm blisters
  • Cysts or lumps under your armpit

On the other hand, using natural deodorants avoids all such serious skin issues as they use natural ingredients like baking soda and essential oil products to keep your armpits clean and dry. Some people are even making homemade probiotic deodorant. Others are being more label attentive, looking for natural products with ingredients like arrowroot, shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax, scented with natural oils like lavender and eucalyptus. 

So, if you too have decided to go natural, you’re taking some significant steps to improve your overall health. And, the good news is, whether it's moisturizers, mists, lotions, cleansers, hair care, or deodorants, the skincare world has introduced some great natural products for you.

In the World of Natural Deodorants

If you have sensitive skin, you can finally say goodbye to undesirable skin reactions. Bad reactions can occur from using common drugstore deodorants that expose you to potentially toxic materials. If you have delicate underarm skin, avoiding harmful ingredients can make a huge difference.

But first, why do your armpits smell?

Your body odor is highly influenced by what you eat. For example, meat lovers will have a stronger underarm odor compared to others. Additionally, even genetics can contribute to smelly armpits. But above all, the main culprit is your bacteria.

Bad Odor is Caused by Bacteria, Not by Sweat

Did you know that sweat is odorless? Yes, it does not smell as it contains long chains of molecules that are unable to vaporize on their own and reach your nostrils. It's the odor causing bacteria that live in your armpits that break them down into smaller molecules. These smaller molecules further fly off creating a pretty foul smell, depending on the type of bacteria.

But not all bacteria are stinky. Your skin microbiome has various kinds of bacteria that contribute to your overall skin health. And, not to forget, some are even good for your body. Let’s dig a bit deeper to understand this.

Good Bacteria vs. Bad Bacteria

As said above, it’s not the sweat but the bacteria that is creating the bad odor. This is bad bacteria and you may want to get rid of it to avoid that unpleasant odor. But, showering very often and trying your best to keep the area clean might make your sweat even stinkier. Reason? Extreme cleanliness can sometimes even kill the beneficial bacteria present in your body.

So, how should you deal with this situation?

Instead of just focusing on killing the bad bacteria, divert your efforts in adding more healthy bacteria to your body. This may result in better-smelling armpits.

Now, you may ask – how can you add good bacteria to your body?

The answer is by using probiotic deodorants.

What Are Probiotic Deodorants?

Probioticsor as they say good bacteria, are getting more and more popular with every passing day. When used in the ingestible form, it has shown positive health effects like improved immunity, improved digestion and better skin health. Yes, probiotics are greatly beneficial to your skin, so much so that the cosmetic industry has introduced probiotics as an ingredient in their skincare products. Applying probiotics this way on your skin will not only enrich its health but will also create superior odor protection that will last all day.

Adding good bacteria in the form of probiotic deodorants will create an unhealthy environment for the bad bacteria that produce thioalcohol which is responsible for bad odor scent. Using probiotic deodorants will kill the bad bacteria while allowing you to stay odor-free without the use of harsh chemicals.

Rising Health Concerns Make Way for Probiotic Deodorants

As explained earlier, commercial over-the-counter (OTC) deodorants are known to pose a risk to skin health. To prevent perspiration, the antiperspirants kill the bad bacteria but at the same time, they block the pores. This promotes sweat accumulation beneath the skin which can lead to bumpy skin or even painful irritation depending on your skin type.

Additionally, this sweat-accumulation will even block the good bacteria along with, limiting the ability of your body to digest the bad bacteria. This, in turn, can make your sweat smell even worse.

Also, as most commercial OTC deodorants have aluminum compounds, they can cause an acidic reaction to your fabric, making those unpleasant stains quite visible.

Unfortunately, the problems don’t end here as some diseases have even been linked to using chemical-based deodorants. As these deodorants are majorly applied in the armpits, some reports claim that the skin could absorb the chemicals causing estrogen-like hormonal effects. Two major diseases – Alzheimer’s and breast cancer have been linked to the aluminum content present in antiperspirants.

With the widespread concern of these issues, people are ditching those fascinating deodorants and turning to natural probiotic deodorants. The reason is simple and clear - they are prioritizing healthy living over everything, and natural deodorants focus more on safety, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Benefits of Using Probiotic Natural Deodorants

Using commercial deodorants may contain chemicals that pose health risks and can even cause skin irritation. Probiotic natural deodorants work opposite as they are chemical-free.

Additionally, there are many other benefits including but not limited to the following:

It allows you to sweat:

Sweating regulates your body temperature and is also how toxins get flushed out of your body. In short, sweating is good for your body and unlike chemical-based deodorants, the probiotic natural ones help in neutralizing the bad odor whilst allowing your body to sweat and cool you naturally.

It prevents the bad odor naturally:

The probiotic deodorants help to neutralize the odor with good bacteria.  The good bacteria won’t block the pores like the conventional deodorants. This, in turn, helps to minimize the bad bacteria – the reason behind the bad odor.

It is skin-friendly:

As your armpit skin is very sensitive, using chemicals can pose a great risk. On the other hand, probiotic deodorants work naturally so they help you avoid skin irritations like allergies and rashes.

So, that brings us to our main question – does probiotic deodorant really work?

The Power of Probiotics – Does ‘Good Bacteria’ Prevents Bad Odor?

Yes, it does. But, with so many bacteria strains present in and around our body, it is difficult to differentiate and identify them. However, certain strains of bacteria indeed smell worse and can create quite an unpleasant odor. This makes it imperative to have the right balance of good bacteria as this might help overcome the foul-smelling underarms.

The use of prebiotic and probiotic formulas can help increase the effectiveness of deodorants. With this aim, the current skincare market has diverted their efforts to incorporate some form of probiotics into their formulas so that they can meet their consumer’s expectations in odor control with natural ingredients. Whichever type of strain they use, their ultimate aim is to add good bacteria to your skin’s surface while killing the bad bacteria.

Looking for one such probiotic deodorant for yourself? You might want to check this better version of deodorant – AO+ Restorative Mist by Mother Dirt.

It uses live and active probiotics to fight bad bacteria. The live AOB produces two powerful byproducts while interacting with your sweat elements – Nitrite and Nitric Oxide which, in turn, help to balance your skin microbiome.

The best part of this Mist is that it is designed for all skin types. So, you don’t have to worry whether it’ll suit your skin.

Want to stay away from those chemical-based deodorants? Well, protecting and maintaining your healthy skin is just a click away: AO+ Restorative Mist.

Bottom Line – It’s Okay to Sweat, Just Switch to Probiotic Deodorant for Odor-free Armpits

Remember, sweating is natural and important to keep your body healthy. Using synthetic deodorants will disturb the natural process by clogging your pores, thereby preventing the toxins to flush out. Alternatively, using natural probiotic deodorant won’t clog your pores. This means, the natural ingredients in the deodorant won’t just allow your body to function naturally, but at the same time will neutralize the bad odor without exposing your skin to harsh chemicals.

Isn’t it a wise decision to switch to probiotic deodorants? What do you think?

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