The Best Shampoo For Sensitive Skin & Ingredients You Need to Look For

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Having sensitive skin can affect your everyday life. It can control everything from the brand of laundry detergent you use to the type of shampoo you use. Sensitive skin can be a year-round occurrence, or it may only appear during the cold winter months. No matter the reason, it’s important to use the best products when you have sensitive skin, and this includes shampoo.

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, it is likely caused by a medical condition. Typically, the medical condition isn’t severe. Unfortunately, sensitive skin is a symptom that can be difficult to deal with.

Any of the following medical conditions can cause sensitive skin:

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

This is one of the most common causes of sensitive skin. Allergic contact dermatitis is where your skin becomes irritated after coming in contact with an irritant. Allergic contact dermatitis can be caused by soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, fragrances, nickel, or plants.

Allergic contact dermatitis symptoms include redness, itchiness, flaky skin, bumps, blisters, and soreness.


Eczema is a dermatological condition that is caused when your immune system responds in an overactive way to an irritant. The aggressive response causes eczema to develop on the skin. This can cause your skin to become sensitive to different types of products, including laundry detergent, soap, lotions, and other fragrances.

Symptoms of eczema include itching, rash, raised bumps, or dry skin.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis

Irritant contact dermatitis is similar to allergic contact dermatitis. The main difference between irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis is that irritant contact dermatitis will typically only affect the area on the body that the irritant came in contact with. In contrast, allergic contact dermatitis can spread to other areas of the body once the skin has been irritated.

Symptoms of irritant contact dermatitis include rash, itchiness, dry skin, blisters, burning, and soreness. These symptoms will only appear in the area of the skin that has come in contact with the irritant.

How Skin Conditions Cause Sensitive Skin and a Sensitive Scalp

Skin conditions will cause your skin and scalp to become sensitive. It’s an unfortunate side effect of the skin condition you are suffering from. Your skin and scalp can become dry, flaky, and itchy, and using the wrong products will only make it worse.

No matter the cause of sensitive skin, whether it’s from eczema or contact dermatitis, you will need to use products that protect your skin and prevent your skin from further irritation.

Using the Right Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

You will need to make sure you use the best shampoo for sensitive skin to not suffer from an itchy or tender scalp. Using a shampoo with harsh chemicals will only make your sensitive skin worse, so it’s important to use the best shampoo for sensitive skin.

Some ingredients to watch for when choosing the right shampoo for sensitive skin include harsh surfactants and sulfates, including Cocamidopropyl betaine and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). You also want to steer clear of formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers, including DMDM hydantoin imidazolidinyl urea and quarternium 15.

The right shampoo for sensitive skin should also not have parabens, sodium chloride, polyethylene glycols (PEG), alcohol, and synthetic fragrances.

Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash

To ensure your sensitive skin stays healthy and free from irritation, you should use a quality hydrating hair wash. The Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash is the best shampoo for sensitive skin because it will prevent your scalp from becoming irritated, tender, or itchy.

What is Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash? Why Should I Use it?

Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash is the best shampoo for sensitive skin because it is gentle, fragrance-free, and contains a powerful blend of probiotic extracts that will help restore your scalp’s microbiome while also providing you with a gentle hair-washing experience. The Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash is made from plant-based ingredients and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals (like sulfates, surfactants or parabens).

You will use the Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash like any other shampoo. Take a small amount of shampoo in your hand and apply it to wet hair. Lather the hair starting at the root and work your way down the strands of your hair to the bottom. Rinse the shampoo from hair and follow with the Probiotic Hydrating Conditioner for best results.

What is Probiotic Hydrating Conditioner? Why Should I Use it?

The Probiotic Hydrating Conditioner is used once you have washed your hair with the Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash. Using conditioner is a great way to keep your hair healthy and shiny. The best part about the Probiotic Hydrating Conditioner is that it contains a powerful blend of probiotic extracts, just like the Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash.

Why Should I use a Probiotic Shampoo and Conditioner?

Probiotics are often associated with creating a healthy gut, but there is so much more than probiotics can do than you may realize.

Using probiotic shampoo and conditioner is a great way to restore the good bacteria to your scalp microbiome. While probiotics are often ingested through supplements or good bacteria-based foods like yogurt, you can also restore the good bacteria in your body and on your scalp through topical treatments.

This is a win-win for your hair. Not only are you treating your sensitive skin with a shampoo and conditioner that will keep it protected, but you are also helping restore your scalp’s microbiome for smoother, healthier-looking hair.

The best part of using a probiotic shampoo and conditioner is that it is free from harsh chemicals or added fragrances. Chemicals and fragrances can cause your sensitive skin to break out or become irritated but using the Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash and Conditioner will keep this from happening.

What are Good Bacteria and Why Do I Need Them?

The word “bacteria” often gets a bad reputation because it is associated with sickness, infection, and other illnesses, but the truth is that all bacteria aren’t bad bacteria. There are good bacteria, too!

Good bacteria will fight against bad bacteria to keep you safe and protected. It can keep bad bacteria from reproducing and causing an infection to develop in your body.

Your body will naturally create good bacteria, but it is often a slow process. Additionally, good bacteria may only develop in your body in small amounts. This is why you need to use a probiotic.

Probiotics, even as shampoos or conditioners, will help your body create good bacteria. As we mentioned, this is a win-win for your body. By using the Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash and Conditioner, you are treating your sensitive skin with gentle hair products as well as restoring your scalp’s microbiome.

The truth is that you don’t have to suffer from sensitive skin to use the Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash and Conditioner. You can use these two products simply to help restore your scalp’s microbiome, which is a benefit all in itself!


Sensitive skin can be a nuisance daily, and it can cause you to be limited to the types of skincare products you use. That’s why the Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash and Conditioner are the best shampoo and conditioner for sensitive skin. They are both gentle and will keep your skin protected from irritation, dryness, and other issues that can accompany sensitive skin.

They contain no chemicals or other agents that will harm your sensitive skin. They are fragrance-free and made of plant-based materials. The best part is that they contain millions of active bacteria that will help restore your body’s microbiome, which will keep you safe and protected from a variety of illnesses more than just sensitive skin.

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