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5 Benefits of Probiotics for Men

Supplemental and topical probiotics can help support the bacteria in our body while supporting immune function, nutrition absorption, and digestion. Probiotics are clearly incredibly supportive. Read on to learn how probiotics can help men's health. 

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Parabens in Shampoo: What Are They?

Today, most of us are becoming more aware and sensitive of what we put in and on our bodies. Thanks to ingredient transparency and consumer education, we’re no longer blindsided with confusing and sometimes unhealthy ingredients in our beauty products....

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Scalp Brush: 10 Benefits of Using One

The secret to healthy hair starts with the scalp. From exfoliating away dead skin and product build-up to stimulating blood circulation, the benefits of using a scalp brush in your hair care routine are unmeasurable. And if you have a...

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8 Tips to Prevent Wrinkles

There’s no harm in having wrinkles. But it’s no secret that many of us would prefer to avoid them. Wrinkles can be attributed to many things including genetics. They typically result from natural skin aging and volume loss, and are entirely natural and expected....

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5 Ways to Get Back to Nature This Year

If you didn't make a resolution for 2022, we are suggesting that you make more of an effort to get back to nature this year. Spending time in nature can boost your mood and improve your physical health and well being. This year, we’re...

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Teenage Acne: Causes & How to Treat It

The teenage years come with their fair share of roadblocks: puberty, hormones, self-consciousness - and, yes, acne. Struggling with teenage acne can be frustrating, embarrassing and sometimes isolating.  While it can be extremely frustrating, if you're struggling with acne, you are...

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Sensitive Skin: Treatments and Causes

Hypersensitive skin, or sensitive skin as we all know it, is a very common condition. But, sensitive skin isn't a medical diagnosis in itself. The term is actually used to refer to skin that's more prone to irritation, inflammation, and...

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How to Properly Wash Your Face

Washing your face is something that appears very straightforward. But, odds are you've probably wondered how to cleanse your face - the right way. It turns out, cleansing your face properly involves much more than rubbing in a bit of...

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7 Tips to Moisturize Damaged Hair

Moisturizing hair isn’t always straightforward. For example, dry hair can lead to frizz, breakage and split ends, making hair look dull and brittle. On the contrary, when your hair is hydrated, strands look shinier, your scalp is healthier and your...

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