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Toss Your Tennis Shoes: Why Running Barefoot is Gaining Traction

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Regular runs usually don't keep your running shoes pristine. Those expensive pieces of equipment wear out, stink up, get muddy -- they don't last long, or they stare accusingly at you from your shoe rack.

What if you could do without them?

The barefoot running movement is gaining some traction, claiming that leaving your running shoes at home and letting your piggies feel the breeze has some impactful health benefits. According to enthusiasts, running barefoot can help improve your balance, tone your muscles more, increase circulation, and even improve your posture.

Some barefooters claim that "earthing" is another benefit to running without shoes. The theory is that standing barefoot on the earth helps remove free radicals and electrical charges we pick up throughout our insulated lives.

Whether or not you're interested in testing out this theory, getting outside and back in touch with nature -- physically -- is definitely something we can get behind. AOB, and many other helpful microorganisms, live in the dirt. Getting a little dirty in the outdoors can help boost your microbiome. Consider taking a stroll sans-shoes or running on the beach, and get back in touch with your natural side!

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