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The Impact of the AO+ Mist on Your Skin Biome

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"Lather, rinse, repeat."

The phrase is stamped on all of our shower products and our routines -- and epitomizes the modern day path to "clean." Our never-ending soapy cycle has made us comfortable with endless shelves filled with products to bring into our daily routines. And yet despite being "cleaner" than ever, we're living in a world world where skin sensitivities and issues are on the rise.

We've forgotten that once upon a time, our skin didn't need all of these products. Our skin naturally knows how to take care of itself, if we just get out of it's way. We are now seeing a new phrase gain speed, as we react to the focus on scrubbing and look to embrace a new kind of clean. Whether it's less shampooing, fewer chemicals, less water, or otherwise simplified routines, consumers are looking to embody "Less is More."

"Less is more" is integral to the Mother Dirt philosophy. The AO+ Mist helps restore balance to the skin, so that it is closer to it's more natural state. We've asked users to share the results on their personal care routines.

They've been cutting down in pretty phenomenal ways.

Less On the Counter

By putting three products in the medicine cabinet, 84% of Mother Dirt users have been able to clear out up to 7 personal care products.

  • 60% decrease their deodorant use
  • 26% decrease their use of soaps and body washes
  • 13% decrease their use of moisturizers
  • 19% decrease their use of conditioner
  • 6% decrease their use of toners
  • 6% decrease their use of scrubs
  • 9.5% decrease their use of other products

On average, this means that rethinking clean removes 2.42 products from personal care routines.

Less Mystery to Your Ingredients

Most personal care products are filled with harsh chemicals, with unrecognizable and unpronounceable names. Studies show that the average woman today puts 168 chemicals on her body -- but by removing products from their personal care routines, mist-ers cut out 33.88 chemicals from their routines.

Fewer harsh chemicals isn't just good for you -- it's good for the environment, too. The products that we use in our daily routines impact the environment when they're produced, when we use them and rinse them down the drain, and when we dispose of them in landfills.

Less Time in the Shower

We're not just cutting down on products, though; we're also seeing big changes in water usage.

While the average person spends over half a year in the shower, 64% of Mother Dirt users are able to reduce the time they spend showering. 62% of users are able to wash their hair less frequently, shampooing 7.4 times per month.

This cut-down saves 55.5 gallons of water per month!

Less Is More

These changes are disruptive; they challenge long-held notions in the personal care industry. Do we really need all of the products that the rapidly growing personal care market labels essentials?

Our bodies know how to take care of themselves. We spend so much time trying to use products to feel better and look better, but by keeping our biomes in balance we let our skin regulate itself and be naturally healthy. A lifestyle shift, a consideration of why we've developed complex skincare routines, show us that less is more.

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