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The Great Bacteria Romance: How Mother Dirt Got Its Start

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You might be surprised to learn that the story of AOBiome started not in a lab, but with a crush. Our founding scientist, David, was interested in impressing a 5th grade school teacher (and equestrian) friend of his who asked: “Why do my horses roll in the dirt in March?”. When he learned that it wasn't the season for insects, it occurred to David that the horses must be rolling in the dirt because the dirt had something they needed.

In the effort to impress (the only way he knew how), he made his way to the library and starting reading. He soon came across Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB), a class of microorganisms omnipresent in the dirt whose sole source of energy came from compounds found in sweat. He had a hypothesis: that the horses were rolling around in the dirt to get the important ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) on them in preparation for the hot (and sweaty) summer months.

At this point, although the traditional love story may not have continued, David’s infatuation with AOBs began. It followed logically for David that if horses had evolved the behavior of rolling in the dirt to get AOBs then all mammals that sweat probably needed them, too (including humans). This is when he began the famous self-experiment. Using dirt from a farm, David started to home-brew his own AOB concoction and apply it to his skin (and yes, this is when he stopped showering, because he knew soaps killed/removed the AOB really easily). It didn’t take long for him to notice the benefits and the improvements to his skin.

Looking at how modern hygiene has evolved, it occurred to David that as a society, we might have confused cleanliness with sterility. Our persistent use of harsh surfactants, preservative-rich products, and anti-bacterials are likely removing many kinds of good bacteria from the skin, not just AOB.

Nearly 10 years later, the scientific community has started to shift toward the inclusion of the microorganisms as a component of overall health. A small team of scientists and supporters in David's hypothesis came together and AOBiome was born. After over a year of development and testing came the AO+ Mist.

From one desire to impress, grew thousands of love stories between our customers and the AO+ Mist. If that’s not the world’s greatest love story, well, we just don’t know what is… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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