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The Dirt on Men's Skin

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There are so many things that can impact the skin's appearance. At Mother Dirt, we focus on the impacts the skin microbiome has on appearance; everyone's microbiome is different, and everyone looks a little different. The skin ecosystem is impacted by so many factors: diet, lifestyle, environment, stress levels, skincare routine, and more. But skin appearance isn't dictated solely by the health of the microbiome; gender plays an important role, too.

Some things to know about the differences between male and female skin:

  1. Men produce more eccrine than apocrine sweat, and sweat twice as much as women.
  2. Men produce more sebum than women, and don't change their sebum production during their lives. This means men have fewer issues with dry skin (as your skin produces sebum to stay moisturized).
  3. Male skin is thicker and rougher than female skin. While male skin gradually thins during the ageing process, female skin maintains a certain thickness until menopause, when it begins to thin significantly.
  4. Men are more prone to dry, flaky scalps than women are. Their scalp barrier is also weaker than women's barriers. Careful what you put in your hair, gents!

As research is being done on these differences, the male skincare industry is taking off. More and more men are realizing that caring for their skin might not just be about shaving.

So are there bacteria that work better for a man's microbiome than a woman's?

Like we said before, everyone's microbiome is different. Lots of factors determine what an individual's microbiome looks like, and gender is one of them. That being said, the goal is to create a robust, well-balanced microbiome that will help the skin regulate itself. Ladies, have trouble producing enough sebum to keep the skin moisturized? Men, produce too much and have oily skin issues? Get that skin microbiome in check.

We're always intrigued to see how mist-ers use Mother Dirt to bring their biome into balance. If you have a good story, we'd love to hear it! Head over to our new Facebook forum, Mother Dirt Probiotic Skin Care, to tell us how you keep your skin balanced and healthy.

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