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The Birth of the Mist: How Is Our AO+ Mist Made?

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Although Ammonia-Oxidizing-Bacteria are found naturally in lakes, ponds, and especially soil, we grow ours under stringent conditions to ensure that it is of high quality when it reaches customers. It is a time and labor intensive process because we are working with a live organism under otherwise sterile conditions. Plus, each step needs to be monitored carefully.

Grown by the liter in a bioreactor, our AOBs are fed an ammonia rich media continuously and their health and growth is measured daily (sometimes twice a day.) AOBs are siphoned off from the reactor creating a daily "harvest." Most, however, remain in the reactor to continue to repopulate and grow.

Our Nitrosomonas eutropha are fairly slow growing as far as bacteria go. Unlike other skin dominating bacteria like Staphyoloccus aureus that duplicate in an hour or less, our beloved bacteria. take more like 10 hours. This quality, although frustrating from a business perspective, is probably another reason why our AOB are beneficial and non-pathogenic.

Freshly harvested material is then rinsed of growth media and AOBs are re-suspended in a salt water solution where they can live without growth for at least 6 months in the refrigerator. This mixture of pure N. eutropha and salt water is sterilely bottled so that no stray microbes find their way in. Once it passes our quality control measures (roughly 1 week of testing) it’s labeled “AO+mist” and deemed ready for shipment!

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