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The AO+ Mist Is Now MADE SAFE® Certified

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Guess what? The AO+ Mist is officially MADE SAFE®-certified!

This certification has been years in the making. We met Amy Ziff, the founder of MadeSafe, back in 2014 when Mother Dirt and MadeSafe were both in their infancy as ideas. Very quickly we realized we shared the same values and philosophies around product transparency with rigorous scientific validation.

Amy Ziff and her team have built MADE SAFE into an impressive non-profit organization that certifies consumer products to ensure that they’re free from human and environmental toxicants. A product bearing the MADE SAFE seal is free from known carcinogens, harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, and heavy metals.

Like many certifications, the MADE SAFE certification process screens product ingredients against a “red list” of chemicals compiled from several, national and international regulatory lists. However, the MADE SAFE screening process goes on to examine each ingredient and ingredient component for potential issues such as persistence, bioaccumulation, and aquatic toxicity. In other words, it ensures that you or mother nature are not negatively impacted by your daily routine. It’s a simple way to scan the market shelves for the best, most eco-friendly option in a time crunch. (You can read more about the MADE SAFE certification process here.)

At Mother Dirt, we strive to develop plant-based products that are free from chemical toxicants and are as kind to the environment as they are to your body. This road isn’t always easily traveled: as you can imagine, it can be a challenge to find ingredients that are safe, effective, and biome-friendly! Obtaining the MADE SAFE certification reinforces our commitment to this goal and, with the help of the folks at MADE SAFE, we plan on continuing to develop products that meet or exceed the high bar that the MADE SAFE certification sets.

Not only does obtaining the MADE SAFE certification confirm our commitment to product safety, but it also marks the first time a bacteria of any kind has achieved the MADE SAFE certification. Our family takes great pride in reading labels, because it means we’re playing an active role in our own self care and the health of the planet. So, to us, that little MADE SAFE seal is actually quite a big deal.    

One small step for Mo’ Dirt, one giant leap for the collective microbiome.


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