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Summer Skin Spritzing: When To Worry About Your Mist In The Heat

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Summer has arrived, big time. In Boston, we’ve hit over 90°F, and we know southern and southwestern Misters are sweating it through 100°+.

If you’re in an area where you, too, have been surprised by suddenly sweaty days, you might be worried about your Mother Dirt AO+ Mist getting damaged by the heat.

Good news: The AOB in your bottle are content to see the summer days roll in! So let’s pause, take a deep breath, and learn a little bit more about how your probiotic skin care products are faring under the sun.

Beach Day Bacteria

Your AOB are pretty hardy. Remember, these are natural skin care products with natural bacteria. They were born for the outdoors, from rivers to plants to soil and beyond, so they are highly impervious to seasonal fluctuations. AOB can survive in most temperature ranges.

Even though we warn against temperature extremes on our packaging, they are only problematic when the AOB are left in very intense climates (think, a desert) for very long periods of time. For most misters, this is not an issue. Phew!

When to Worry

We know some of you are in record-high temperatures. Don’t panic! Here are a few reasons why you STILL shouldn’t worry:

  1. The ice packs in your package will keep your bottles cold, and will usually thaw completely in the last 24 hours of travel. Until then, they’ll keep your package below 80°F. Additionally, the FedEx facilities the Mist travels through are temperature controlled.
  2. If your Mist is delivered when you’re out for the day, hope isn’t lost. Just be sure to put it in the fridge when you get back. We include ice packs in our shipments to prevent the Mist reaching such extreme temperatures, and it is highly unlikely that bottles packed in our insulated mailers with ice packs will reach the outdoor temperature.
  3. If you’ve had some order mishap and your package has been left outdoors after the ice packs have thawed, you still have plenty of time before you should start worrying about your Mist. We’ve done some testing, and your Mist should be A-ok for up to 72 hours in 100°F heat. The AOB will start to slow down slightly at that point, but putting the bottle in the fridge and cooling it back down will stabilize the Mist. The AOB can even survive for 8 hours inside mailers that have warmed to 110°F.

Anything beyond a full day in 110°F, this point, we encourage you to let us know and we’ll send you a replacement, as your AOB have likely succumbed to the miserable heat. (We’re sorry it’s so hot where you live, and hope tomorrow brings cool breezes!)

Keep On Misting

Once you’ve gotten your order, be sure to get misting right away. Summertime is sweaty time, and we know AOB thrive on the ammonia in sweat. You might even see more results than usual with all that perspiration! We’re ready to AO+ spray and play, and we hope you are too.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the worry-free summer sunshine. Your bacteria will be right there with you :)

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