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Rediscovering the Magic of Nature: A Conversation with Timmy, the 9-Year-Old Horticulturist

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I’ve always appreciated plants, but could never manage to keep any alive for more than a few months. I’m dying to change that and have been looking to find someone who can be patient with me, and teach me what I need to know about taking care of plants. Turns out my new teacher is a 9-year-old boy named Timmy. 

A few weeks ago my friend shared a photo of her son Timmy’s gnome garden. He paid for all the plants, pot, and accessories himself, and created a little fantasy world all on his own. I shouldn’t be surprised that Timmy has this inherent gift and appreciation for nature; his parents are outdoorsy folks who spend most of their family time on outings to the beach, walking through the local Audubon, or camping.

Seeing his little gnome garden was more than heartwarming; I could feel the sense of wonder that went into creating it. So much so that I wanted to hear more about it from Timmy himself.

How long have you been interested in plants? What made you like them?

I’ve been interested in plants for a long time, ever since I learned that they are living things. When I was little my mom let me help her water our houseplants and it was fun.

What inspired you to make your gnome garden?

I have a feel for mythical creatures and gnomes are my one of my favorite mythical creatures. I like to imagine what their little world would look like.

What’s your next gardening/planting project?

I’m going to help my mom plant in our new raised garden beds. I want to plant corn, pumpkins, and cantaloupes this summer.

What tips can you give for people who want to start gardening or working with plants?

A good tip is to plant marigolds around your garden to help keep the bunnies from eating your veggies! And, if you use bird netting, make sure to check it daily in case any little birds get caught so you can rescue them*. For house plants, always check to see what kind of light the plant likes. Make sure you have the right kind of windows and sunlight in your house before you buy it!

What do you love most about Mother Nature?

I love how interesting all the different plants look with their different colors and shapes and what they can do! I love that Mother Nature made plants like the Venus Flytrap and the Sundew Plant. They both eat insects and that is so fascinating to me!

*This bit of wisdom is shared from an experience Timmy and his brothers had last summer where they found a hummingbird under the netting and worked together to set him free again. :-)

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