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Real Routines Spotlight: Moss Halladay

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Moss Halladay is professional snowboarder and nature photographer, and a long-time friend of Mother Dirt. He cultivated a love and appreciation for nature at a very young age, so it’s no surprise that he’s found a way to make a living while being in the great outdoors. Truth be told, he never set out to be a photographer. It’s his life as a professional snowboarder that took him to some of the most incredible places on earth, and in an effort to soak it all in started using his camera to capture the landscapes. Thanks to the power of social media, his photos quickly gained a huge fan base and the rest is history. Be sure to check out his Instagram @MossHallady for your daily dose of inspiration.

Walk us through your daily skincare routine, how do you work Mother Dirt into your daily routine?

I use Mother Dirt daily a variety of different ways.  While showering I use the Shampoo and the Cleanser. Although I don't use the Shampoo everyday It's part of my weekly routine. I really love it! Post-shower I use the AO+ Mist  and Moisturizer to keep me going through the day. I'm always super active so it's great to have a product like the AO+ Mist.

How do you explain Mother Dirt to other people?

Balancing out the body is my approach to explain Mother Dirt. In addition to the balance of life we also realize there is a balance to our skin and that's where Mother Dirt comes in! I love how I can have the ability to take fewer showers but maintain healthy skin.

How do you interpret “less is more?” Are there any other ways this philosophy plays into your life?

In our day to day lives we see so many distractions to why it's easy to think less isn't more. While this may be true for some, ‘less is more’ really plays a huge part in my life. I find myself the most happy when I am in the mountains with fewer things enjoying what’s in front of me and being in the moment.

Do you have any other “unconventional” personal care or lifestyle habits?

I don't think I have any other unconventional lifestyle habits, I try to be active and outside everyday even if I don't have the entire day. A quick walk or bike ride is great when I can't get out for an all-day mission.

Why do you feel it’s important to connect with nature?

It's important to connect with nature for many reasons, without nature we would have no life. Connecting with nature means slowing down and being in the moment, putting yourself in a comfort zone you may not be used to and creating a new experience. I find the more I connect with nature the more happy, motivated, and creative I am. Each time I go into nature it’s always a different experience even if I’ve been there a million times.

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